Pope Condemns Israeli Strikes in Christmas Day Message

Pope Francis Delivers Christmas Blessing

On December 25, 2023, Pope Francis delivered the Urbi et Orbi Christmas blessing from the main balcony of St. Peter’s
Basilica at the Vatican. He addressed thousands of people in the square below, projecting his message on a giant

Pope Francis’ Christmas Message

In his Christmas message, Pope Francis spoke about the devastating impact of war on innocent children, referring to
them as the “little Jesuses of today”. He specifically mentioned the Israeli strikes in Gaza, expressing deep
concern about the civilian casualties.

Pope Francis’ Call for Peace

Pope Francis called for an end to conflicts in various regions, including Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Armenia,
and Azerbaijan. He also defended the rights of migrants around the world, emphasizing the need for peace and
compassion in the midst of ongoing challenges.

Addressing the Situation in Gaza

The Pontiff expressed his empathy for the people of the Holy Land, particularly the Christian communities of Gaza. He
denounced the violence and called for peace and humanitarian aid to address the dire situation in the region.

Pope Francis’ Concern about the Weapons Trade

Addressing the issue of the armaments industry, Pope Francis highlighted the rise in arms production, sales, and
trade. He emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in discussing the interests and profits associated
with the trade of weapons.

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Pope Francis’ Call for Dialogue and Diplomacy

The Pope underscored the importance of persevering dialogue and strong political will in resolving conflicts. He
advocated for the support of the international community and reaffirmed the Vatican’s stance on a two-state solution
for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Continued Efforts for Peace

Pope Francis concluded his Christmas message by reiterating his plea for peace and humanitarian aid in various
troubled regions. He emphasized the urgency of addressing the humanitarian crisis and working towards a brighter,
more peaceful future for all.

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