FIFA Threatens Brazil Suspension Over President’s Removal

According to FIFA, Brazil’s national teams and clubs could face suspension from international competitions if the country’s soccer body, CBF, proceeds with a swift election to replace president Ednaldo Rodrigues, despite FIFA’s call to wait.

Rio Court’s Decision

A Rio de Janeiro court removed Rodrigues and his appointees at CBF from office on December 7 due to irregularities in his election last year. This ruling was upheld by Brazil’s two highest courts last week, leading to further turmoil within the country’s soccer governing body.

FIFA’s Stance

FIFA, historically against government and third-party interference in its member associations, warned CBF of potential suspension from major competitions until the crisis is resolved. The global soccer governing body has emphasized the need for a transparent and fair election process, and any undue intervention will not be tolerated.

Intervention by José Perdiz

The court ruling named José Perdiz, the head of Brazil’s top sports court, as an intervener to organize new elections for the CBF presidency within 30 working days. FIFA has expressed its opposition to this intervention, adding to the complexity of the situation.

FIFA and CONMEBOL’s Response

FIFA and CONMEBOL have stated their intention to form a commission to discuss the matter in Brazil on January 8. The two organizations have underlined the importance of respecting the established processes and have warned of severe consequences if this is not upheld.

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Implications and Challenges

The potential suspension of Brazil’s national teams and clubs from international competitions could have far-reaching implications. Additionally, the legal problems faced by CBF presidents in recent years, including Rodrigues, have raised concerns about the stability and integrity of the country’s soccer governance.

It is imperative that the situation be resolved with transparency and adherence to established procedures to avoid further disruptions to Brazil’s soccer landscape.


The complexities surrounding the CBF presidency and the potential ramifications for Brazil’s international soccer involvement highlight the need for a swift and transparent resolution. FIFA’s warning serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the integrity of soccer governance and ensuring fair and legitimate processes.

For more information, please visit FIFA and CONMEBOL.

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