Singapore Airlines Proactively Cooperating in Investigation of Severe Flight Turbulence Incident

In an unfortunate incident involving Singapore Airlines flight SQ321, one passenger lost their life, and 30 others were injured due to severe turbulence. The airline is cooperating fully with authorities to investigate the matter. Stay tuned for more details.

Details of the Incident

On May 22, Singapore Airlines confirmed that one passenger, identified as Geoffrey Kitchen, passed away during the London to Singapore flight due to a suspected heart attack. The flight encountered sudden extreme turbulence over the Irrawaddy Basin, compelling an emergency landing in Bangkok. In total, 30 passengers sustained injuries and required medical attention at local hospitals.

Passenger Nationalities and Arrangements

The nationalities of the passengers aboard SQ321 are as follows: 56 Australians, three Indians, two Canadians, one German, two Indonesians, and passengers from various other countries. Singapore Airlines has arranged for the transportation of those heading to Singapore and provided accommodation for those remaining in Bangkok.

Carrier’s Response and Support

SIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Goh Choon Phong, expressed deep condolences to the deceased passenger’s family and apologized for the distress caused to all passengers and crew members. The airline is offering full support to those affected and is working closely with authorities to ensure their well-being.

Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, also extended condolences and stands ready to assist Singapore Airlines in addressing the incident aboard flight SQ321.

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