2023 Word Quiz: Test Your Vocabulary Daily!

Daily Quiz: Words of 2023

Let’s test your knowledge on the latest trending words of 2023. Take a look at the following questions and see how well you know the popular vocabulary making waves this year.

Question 1: The Word of the Year

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The first word we’re exploring is a popular internet slang used to describe romantic appeal or charisma. Oxford named this word as the 2023 Word of the Year after it gained widespread attention in 2022 due to YouTuber Kai Cenat. Actor Tom Holland’s interview further propelled this word into viral status. Can you identify this word?

Question 2: Elon Musk and Viral Videos

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This word garnered global attention when Elon Musk’s lawyers mentioned it during a lawsuit, highlighting that the businessman was frequently the subject of these videos. In India, this word became significant after several actors fell victim to it, even prompting discussion from the Prime Minister. What is this word?   

Question 3: Popular Wordle Choices

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According to The New York Times, the word “Adieu” holds the title of the most popular first attempt word in Wordle, having been used over 515 million times. What word comes in second place as the most frequently guessed word? 

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Question 4: A Word Associated with Time

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This word gained traction on social media platforms this year and is closely linked to the artist who was honored as Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Can you name this word signifying periods of time?

Question 5: New Words in The Dictionary

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The last word we’re exploring, “Zhuzh”, is one of the 690 new additions to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year. Do you think the statement “Zhuzh means to suddenly stop participating or engaging in something in a fit of anger” is true or false? 

Answer: False. It actually means a small improvement, adjustment, or addition that completes the overall look, taste, etc. of something

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Test your knowledge of the trending words of 2023 and discover new vocabulary that has captured the world’s attention!

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