Escalator Installation at Salem Bus Stand Nearing Completion

The installation of an escalator at Muthamizh Aringnar Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi Nootrandu Managara Perunthu Nilaiyam two-tier bus stand in Salem is a major development that is nearing completion, benefitting the public and enhancing transportation facilities in the area.

Enhancing Public Transportation with New Escalator

The two-tier bus stand, constructed under the Smart City Mission, is a significant addition to Salem’s infrastructure. It features 29 shops and 26 bus bays on the ground floor, and 47 shops and 26 bus bays on the first floor. Chief Minister M.K. Stalin inaugurated the bus stand on June 11, naming it Muthamizh Aringnar Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi Nootrandu Managara Perunthu Nilaiyam.

Bus Operations and Facilities

Upon completion of minor works, buses are set to start operating from the bus stand in the third week of June. The ground floor will cater to buses heading to Gurusamipalayam, Vaikundam, Magudanchavadi, and various other destinations, while the first floor will serve routes to Elampillai, Perumagoundampatti, Salem Junction, and more.

To facilitate easy access to the first floor, two lifts are available. However, due to passenger feedback regarding inadequacy during peak hours, the installation of an escalator was initiated by the Salem Corporation on December 15, 2023.

Anticipated Benefits and Timeline

Officials have indicated that the escalator’s completion is expected before the fourth week of January 2024, with an estimated cost of ₹2.30 crore. Additionally, the shops within the bus stand are expected to start functioning soon, and the remaining lifts will also become operational, further enhancing passenger convenience.

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Opportunities for Future Developments

The introduction of the escalator and continued development of the bus stand reflects the city’s commitment to providing efficient and modern transportation facilities for its residents and visitors. As these initiatives progress, they are anticipated to contribute to the overall growth and accessibility within Salem’s public infrastructure.

For more information on public transport and development projects in Salem, visit the Smart Cities Mission website.

Stay tuned for updates on this impactful development that is set to enhance the public transportation system in Salem.

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