Aditya Madhavan: Pliant Voice Concert-Ready in Minutes

Aditya Madhavan’s Vocal Concert at 26th Margazhi Utsavam 2023

Aditya Madhavan, accompanied by Chidambaram Badrinath on violin, Punnur Arvind Kaushik on mridangam, and Kottayam Rohith Prasad on ghatam, presented a mesmerizing vocal concert at the 26th Margazhi Utsavam 2023, streamed live on The concert, organized by Mudhra, showcased Aditya’s exceptional talent and artistry, captivating the audience with his expressive rendition and remarkable musical prowess.

Neranammiti: A Perfect Start

Aditya Madhavan commenced the concert with the soulful rendition of ‘Neranammiti,’ showcasing the flexibility and depth of his vocals. His decision to begin the performance with this serene composition demonstrated his confidence and musical acumen. Aditya’s rendition of the leisurely Kanada raga, composed by Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar, was embellished with vibrant nuances and elegant melodic improvisations, bearing the imprint of his mentor, Sanjay Subrahmanyan.

The performance was marked by Aditya’s effortless navigation through the intricate melodic phrases, while infusing the composition with an added brilliance, especially in the chittaswaram section. Despite some minor inconsistencies in the faster segments, Aditya’s rendition exuded grace and artistry, setting the tone for a captivating musical journey.

Dharmavati and Beyond

Aditya Madhavan’s rendition of ‘Dharmavati’ further elevated the musical panorama, featuring ‘Bhajanaseya Rada’ and a soul-stirring niraval, beautifully complemented by the melodic interplay with the talented violinist, Chidambaram Badrinath. The performance showcased Aditya’s proficiency and deep understanding of the raga, captivating the audience with his expressive rendition.

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The concert continued its enchanting progression with the rendition of Mukhari Papanasam Sivan’s ‘Sivakama Sundari,’ adorned with a captivating alapana that exuded the grace characteristic of the raga. Aditya’s rendition, accompanied by the evocative melodic explorations of the violinist, captivated the audience, albeit with some tentative moments in the anupallavi section, contrasting with his assured command in the subsequent Kanada rendition, reflecting the hallmark of the Semmangudi school.

Lively Musical Dialogues

Throughout the concert, the melodic interplay between Aditya Madhavan and Chidambaram Badrinath unfurled a tapestry of musical dialogues, embellished with graceful alapanas, contemplative niravals, and vibrant swara passages. The musical synergy between the vocalist and the accompanying artists, Punnur Arvind Kaushik on mridangam and Kottayam Rohith Prasad on ghatam, sustained the celebratory spirit, enriching the musical experience with their rhythmic finesse and dynamic accompaniment.

Captivating Concluding Pieces

The concert culminated with the rendition of the poignant Kiravani raga, featuring eloquent alapana and intricate melodic phrases, adorned with exquisite brigas and adorned with the masterful accompaniment of Chidambaram Badrinath. The lively tani avartanam showcased the deftness and dexterity of the percussionist pair, culminating in a captivating musical finale.

The enchanting musical journey continued with the rendition of the breezy Maund raga, followed by Kannan Iyengar’s ‘Arumo Aval’ and Swati Tirunal’s less-heard compositions, adding depth and diversity to the concert repertoire. The finale, marked by Swati Tirunal’s ‘Bhujagasayino’ in Yadukula Kamboji, resonated with a sense of artistic completeness, affirming the two-hour-15-minute concert’s enriching musical odyssey.

In concluding, Aditya Madhavan’s vocal concert at the 26th Margazhi Utsavam 2023 stood as a testament to his exceptional artistry and musical proficiency, offering a captivating melodic experience that transcended musical boundaries and left an indelible impression on the audience, ushering in an enriching cultural experience.

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Photo Credit: Pic courtesy: Mudhra

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