Tamil Nadu Govt’s Stand on Leo Show Timings: Shows Allowed from 9 a.m.

Leo Movie Shows to Stick to 9 a.m. Schedule, Tamil Nadu Government Decides

The Tamil Nadu government has made a firm decision to stick to its earlier stand of allowing the shows of the actor Vijay starrer movie ‘Leo’ only from 9 a.m. This decision comes after the Madras High Court’s directive to consider permitting shows starting at 7 a.m. between October 19 and 24. The government’s decision was reached after taking into account the views of various stakeholders, including the Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association, the Commissioner of Revenue Administration, and the Director General of Police.

Tamil Nadu Government Considers Stakeholders’ Views

Home Secretary P. Amudha has written to Seven Screen Studios, informing them of the government’s decision. The views of the Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association, the Commissioner of Revenue Administration, and the Director General of Police were taken into consideration in reaching this conclusion. The theatre owners association had made preparations to play four regular shows, along with an additional fifth show specially permitted by the State government for the first six days. These shows were to be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. the next day.

Possibility of Overcrowding and Traffic Congestion

During the consideration process, the Commissioner of Revenue Administration highlighted the potential risks of overcrowding and traffic congestion if the movie was allowed to be screened before 9 a.m. The Director General of Police, Shankar Jiwal, shared this concern. He pointed out that if the shows were permitted from 7 a.m., the police would have to provide security starting from 5 a.m. due to the expected large crowds. Moreover, the presence of these crowds could lead to traffic congestion, posing a hindrance to school children and office-goers, as most of the theatres are located on arterial roads.

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Refusal of Permission for Early Shows

In light of these concerns, the Director General of Police requested that the government refuse permission for the 7 a.m. shows. After carefully considering all the views expressed, the Home Secretary decided to maintain her stand that all five shows should be played only between 9 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. the next day.

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With this decision, the Tamil Nadu government aims to ensure public safety and security during the screenings of ‘Leo’ while also minimizing the potential inconvenience caused to the general public due to traffic congestion. The government’s decision comes after taking into account the opinions of various stakeholders and is aimed at maintaining a balance between providing the audience with an enjoyable movie experience and safeguarding public welfare.

As the release date of ‘Leo’ approaches, the excitement among fans continues to grow. The Vijay starrer movie has already gained significant attention and anticipation. The government’s decision to stick to the established show timings is expected to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for moviegoers, while also maintaining order and safety in the vicinity of the theatres.

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