Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Theatre Festival Showcases Diverse Themes

Theatre Karpanai Kudhirai’s “Tiruchiyai Meetta Sundarapandian”

The play “Tiruchiyai Meetta Sundarapandian” by Theatre Karpanai Kudhirai revolves around three individuals escaping their troubles. The taxi driver, Sundarapandian, agrees to drive Mohanapriya to Tiruchi, where she plans to hide away from home for a month. Along the journey, reporter Peter and rejected lover Thanikachalam join the ride. Each character’s woes are exaggerated, with Mohana seeking her mother’s attention, Peter struggling with his wife’s past, and Thanikachalam immersed in an online romance. Through Sundarapandian’s sage advice, the passengers confront and resolve their past traumas.

Exploring Characters and Humor

Thanikachalam’s amusing mixed metaphors and Peter’s showy English-speaking persona add depth to the play. Director Vedarun Rajkumar’s comedic touch is evident as he introduces the play as “attempted humor.” While the journey to Tiruchi begins well, there is room for further comedic development by Arunkumar.

The Laughter in “Blackout”

The play “Blackout” by Theatrekaran, directed by Raghavender Siva and Sabarivas, portrays Namasivayam, a stingy father, and his family navigating multiple humorous misunderstandings. Namasivayam’s daughter plans to elope, his wife schemes to assist her brother covertly, and he himself falls for flattery from a charitable cause advocate. Amidst a mandatory blackout during the 1971 Indo-Pak war, chaotic and comedic situations unfold as secrets are revealed under the cover of darkness. The impeccable acting and direction bring out the hilarity of mistaken identities and unforeseen encounters.

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Reflecting on Performances

The cast of “Blackout” delivers a stellar performance, with Bharath Vinayakamurthy shining in the role of Namasivayam. The meticulously choreographed chaos of characters bumping into each other in the dark adds a layer of humor and confusion that is resolved when the lights come back on. Theatrekaran’s team successfully blends humor and drama, leaving the audience entertained and engaged.

In conclusion, both “Tiruchiyai Meetta Sundarapandian” and “Blackout” offer a delightful blend of comedy, drama, and insightful character studies. The plays showcase the talent and creativity of the Theatre Karpanai Kudhirai and Theatrekaran teams, leaving the audience with a memorable theatrical experience.

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