Deborah Ayorinde’s “Them: The Scare” Series Review: Black Horror Sequel Lacks Thrills

Review: Them: The Scare

The Amazon original horror series, Them: The Scare, brings to mind a shocking display of horror intertwined with social commentary. Set in the 70s and 80s, the show follows a young African American family facing racism and supernatural horrors in a white neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Plot Summary

The sequel, created by Little Marvin and starring Deborah Ayorinde, delves deeper into the social horrors faced by Black characters. The narrative focuses on LAPD detective Dawn Reeve’s investigation into a series of murders with eerie circumstances. As she uncovers disturbing details, including twisted bodies and racial biases within the police force, the supernatural elements gradually unfold.

Character Focus

The story also explores the journey of Edmund Gaines, a troubled actor played by Luke James, who descends into darkness in a chilling manner. The series skillfully depicts the psychological toll of limited opportunities for colored actors, especially as Edmund faces the prospect of portraying a serial killer.

Themes and Atmosphere

Them: The Scare effectively builds a bone-chilling atmosphere, maintaining thematic connections with the first season. While the performances shine, some viewers may find the balance between drama and horror lacking compared to other acclaimed series like The Haunting of Hill House.

Critique and Future Prospects

With a focus on social commentary and psychological horror, Them: The Scare could benefit from a more immersive horror experience, including amplified gore and jump scares. As the series continues, there is hope for a refined balance between storytelling and frightful elements to captivate audiences.

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Them: The Scare is available for streaming on Prime Video, offering viewers a blend of thought-provoking narratives and chilling suspense.

For further details on the series, you can visit the official Amazon website for more information.