Amazon, AT&T, Verizon Top Tech Cos for Career Growth

In the realm of technology and information companies, Amazon takes the lead according to LinkedIn’s latest ranking of the top companies for career growth in the U.S. This ranking is derived from unique LinkedIn data that assesses companies across eight key elements related to career progression. These elements encompass the ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunities, company affinity, gender diversity, educational background, and employee presence in the country.

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Tech Companies for Career Growth in the U.S.

1. Amazon
2. AT&T
3. Verizon
4. Alphabet Inc.
5. Comcast
6. STMicroelectronics
7. Apple
8. Siemens
9. Dayforce (formerly Ceridian)
10. Cisco

STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor technology company, and the recently rebranded Dayforce are newcomers to this esteemed list of top tech companies, as highlighted by LinkedIn.

Advancing Careers in Top Tech Companies

The tech companies featured on LinkedIn’s list prioritize upskilling to foster continuous growth and development among employees, particularly in AI skills. Tanya Dua, LinkedIn News tech editor, emphasizes the integration of AI technologies in various functions within these companies.

Amazon’s Initiatives
Amazon stands out with a commitment exceeding $1.2 billion to provide free skills training to employees. The company offers various programs like prepaid tuition, paid apprenticeships, on-the-job learning, industry certifications, and more. Amazon has also launched the ‘Amazon AI Ready’ initiative, enabling accessible AI education and providing $12 million in generative AI scholarships.

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AT&T’s Investment
In 2023, AT&T invested $132 million in employee training, with less than 5% of roles requiring a college degree. Noteworthily, the Ask AT&T platform equips employees with AI-powered capabilities such as code generation, meeting summarization, and customer assistance.

Verizon’s Approach
Verizon places a significant emphasis on tuition assistance and offers programs like the Network Leadership Development program to propel employees from entry-level positions to senior roles. The company leverages AI in areas such as developer productivity and customer service, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.

Alphabet’s Practices
Alphabet promotes career growth through its “Googler-to-Googler” peer learning and coaching platform, enabling employees to coach or learn from colleagues across different fields within the organization.

In-Demand Skills for 2024

According to LinkedIn’s recent survey, one of the top three career goals for professionals in 2024 is learning new skills. The demand for continuous education and upskilling is evident, with 68% of working Americans emphasizing its importance when seeking new job opportunities. Soft skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork are currently sought after, with a sharp uptick in individuals upskilling in AI-related domains.

Other Career Enhancements

Many companies are ramping up their efforts to retain and support employees. For instance, AT&T focuses on total well-being by offering mental health counseling, family-inclusive benefits, and support programs. Verizon provides inclusive benefits, Comcast offers life milestone benefits from the first day of employment, including adoption assistance and pet insurance.

More Insights from LinkedIn Research

In addition to the top tech companies list, LinkedIn released rankings for the top large and midsize companies in the U.S. for career growth. Notably, 44% of the companies on this year’s main ranking are newcomers compared to the previous year.

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To be eligible for inclusion on the list, companies were required to have a minimum of 5,000 global employees, with at least 500 based in the U.S. as of December 31, 2023.

This comprehensive analysis reflects the dynamic landscape of career growth opportunities within the technology and information sector. Companies are investing in upskilling initiatives, fostering a supportive work environment, and prioritizing employee well-being to drive professional advancement and success.