Control Alt Delete: Ultimate Guide to India’s Top Crowdfunded Music Fest

The 13th edition of the Control Alt Delete (CAD) music festival is breaking the mold of traditional music gatherings by redefining the essence of music festivals. Pratika E Prabhune, who oversees Marketing and Communications at CAD, explains that this is only the fourth edition of the festival being held in a festival format. Previously, there were individual gigs on different dates and locations, but it made more sense to consolidate them into a festival at Roaring Farms in Malad, Mumbai.

The festival operates on a strict no-corporate control policy and relies solely on the love, time, effort, and contributions of its passionate community. It thrives on a ‘pay what you want’ policy, eliminating economic barriers and promoting inclusivity. The festival aims to raise ₹10 lakh this year in order to pay the artistes better, as it has raised 48% of the target funds so far. Contributions can be made through online crowdfunding or physical donation boxes called daanpeti at the festival. Major contributors receive shout-outs, festival merchandise, and the opportunity to meet and greet their favorite artists, as well as join them for an exclusive after-party based on their contribution.

The festival has an ‘artiste first’ mentality, with all profits being distributed equally among performing artists. It provides an even platform for artistes old, young, popular, and new to showcase their talent, curating a lineup based on discovery and fresh sound. The festival’s tonal palette includes electronic music, hip-hop, singer-songwriters, alternative music, and metal, with five different stages catering to various genres.

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Some notable performances to look out for at the festival include Merak, a brother-sister duo from Goa, Shreyas & Vedang, a rapper-producer duo from Pune, and Tribemama MaryKali, a brilliant performer from Kochi who has featured as a vocalist in many Tamil and Malayalam movies. The festival attracts artistes from various parts of the country and aims to provide a platform for them to showcase their talent.

The festival is also known for its inclusivity and effort to support female artistes, hosting India’s first all-female hip-hop collective. In 2023, CAD attracted an audience of approximately 4,500 people for two days, and this year it is expected to draw even more attendees as it makes a comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Control Alt Delete music festival will be held on January 13 and 14 at Roaring Farms in Malad, Mumbai. Contributions for entry to the festival can be made on

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