IL20 Season 2 Introduces Super-Sub and Wildcard

Exciting Additions to the DP World International League T20 Season 2

The DP World International League T20 is set to kick off Season 2 with the introduction of two new features: the Super-Sub and Wildcard. This much-anticipated T20 tournament in the UAE will begin on Friday, 19 January, with a thrilling match between defending champions Gulf Giants and Sharjah Warriors at the iconic Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Super-Sub: A Tactical Game-Changer

In Season 2 of DP World ILT20, each team will have the option to substitute one player at any stage of the match after the completion of the first over of the innings. This strategic move can be introduced right from the start of the second innings if desired by the team. However, once substituted, the player cannot participate in the remaining part of the match. The Head Coach will nominate the Super-Sub to the fourth umpire, and the on-field umpire will signal the scorers by crossing their wrists above their head to indicate the introduction of the Super-Sub.

Teams can bring in the Super-Sub after the start of the match, after completion of an over, or in the case of a batter, at the fall of a wicket or if the batter retires at any time during the over. The bowling team can also utilize a Super-Sub at the fall of a wicket, but the Super-Sub will not be permitted to bowl the remaining balls in that over if the wicket has fallen mid-over.

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Wildcard: Adding Strength to Team Squads

Additionally, each franchise is allowed to add up to two additional players to its squad, beyond the original limit of 22 players. This is an optional move and not mandatory. Franchises that have reached the maximum $2.5 million salary spend can allocate a maximum of 10% of the salary cap, which amounts to $250,000, on Wildcard players. On the other hand, teams with remaining room within the original maximum $2.5 million salary spend can utilize that amount and, if necessary, an additional $250,000 while staying within the limit for Wildcard player spend.

Wildcard players have the flexibility to join the DP World ILT20 at any stage during the season. However, once added, they are not eligible to be replaced by further replacement or Wildcard players.

Excitement and Engagement for Fans

David White, the CEO of DP World ILT20, expressed his excitement about the introduction of the Super-Sub and Wildcard in Season 2. He believes that these new features will make the tournament even more interesting and engaging for both spectators at the stadiums and viewers from around the world.

These new additions set the stage for an exhilarating Season 2 of DP World ILT20, with teams gearing up to make the most of the Super-Sub and Wildcard options to enhance their strategies and strengthen their squads. With these tactical options in play, the upcoming 34-match tournament promises to deliver even more thrilling on-field action than Season 1.

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