Dancers prepare for Margazhi release: Gear up!

The Margazhi Season in India has always been a significant time for artistes to showcase their talents and premiere new works for an audience that is passionate about the arts. This time of year provides a platform for performers, both in India and abroad, to present their students on stage and share their creations with a dedicated audience.

Urmila Sathyanarayanan, for example, recently premiered “Thadathagai”, a large-scale production featuring 55 dancers trained at her school Natya Sankalpa. The production aims to tell the story of Madurai Meenakshi, drawing inspiration from various ancient texts. With music by Embar Kannan, Urmila has brought this piece of history to life through dance.

Vidhya Subramanian has also ventured into new territory with her solo thematic work, “Ardha — The Incomplete Dream”. This piece explores the character of Radha, beyond her association with Krishna, and seeks to establish her as a representation of beauty, longing, and worship. Drawing inspiration from the book “Finding Radha” by Namita Gokhale, Vidhya’s work is a personal and collective exploration of Radha’s identity and significance.

Parvathy Menon has similarly delved into the theme of re-birth with her work “Punarjani”, which explores the process of spiritual transformation. Drawing from verses of the Kalika Puranam and her own personal experiences, Parvathy’s work is an intense journey through the concept of rebirth.

Srekala Bharath, on the other hand, is focusing on the avatars of the goddess in her production “Shakti Mahimai”. Recognizing the changing dynamics of her audience, Srekala aims to infuse her work with pace and vibrancy and bring the goddess to life in all her glory.

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These artistes are utilizing the platform of the Margazhi Season to unveil their new works and share their artistic vision with a dedicated audience. The Season continues to be a time of tradition and innovation, where artistes have the opportunity to push boundaries and create meaningful, impactful works.

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