Adilabad medicos end strike after director’s assurances

Adilabad medicos end strike after director's assurances

Following the recent strike at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Adilabad, the medicos have decided to call off the protest after two days. This decision was made in response to the institute’s director positively addressing the concerns raised by the medicos.

The Strike Incident

The strike commenced on Thursday after six house surgeons at the institute were attacked by five individuals within the college premises. Shockingly, one of the assailants was identified as an assistant professor from the same institute.

Medicos’ Representation and Requests

In reaction to the attack, RIMS medicos submitted a representation on Saturday. Their primary requests included heightened security measures, specifically urging the deployment of the Special Protection Force (SPF) within the premises.

Dr. Voruganti Arun Kumar, president of RIMS Junior Doctors Association, emphasized the need to refrain from taking legal action against any student who participated in the strike. He also stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of the six victims and preventing further targeting. Additionally, he called for complete transparency in the investigation and regular updates for the medicos.

Additional Security Measures

Besides, the association proposed the construction of compound walls equipped with proper CCTV surveillance and the implementation of an entry logbook at the hostel gate, restricting access to individuals with a valid student ID card.

Positive Response from the Institute

In response to the representation, the director of the institute acknowledged the concerns and responded positively. The director affirmed swift action and the commitment of the entire administration to resolve the issues at the earliest.

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“Acknowledging the representation, the director of the institute responded positively to the representation submitted by RIMS Junior Doctors Association. Assuring swift action, the director affirmed the commitment of the entire administration to resolve the issues at the earliest,” the association added.

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