India Art Fair 2024: Designers Share Their Insights

Discover diverse and timeless art and design pieces from Chanakya School of Craft, Raw Mango’s Common Nouns, Tarun Tahiliani’s The Embroidered Wall, Vikram Goyal Studio, and more at the India Art Fair. Explore culture, craft, and creativity through a unique lens.

Exploring the Importance of Local Communities in Indian Traditions

Through its artistic practice, Chanakya School of Craft seeks to highlight the significance of local communities in safeguarding the diversity of Indian traditions. Karishma Swali, the creative director of Chanakya School of Craft, emphasizes the collaborative efforts with artisans, artists, and craft practitioners, blurring presumed boundaries and making creative expressions fluid and subjective. The essence of their work lies in the overarching concept of exploration.

Belong: A Celebration of Craft, Culture, and Community

Belong, an art series by Chanakya School of Craft, is a spontaneous immersion into the eternal connection between humanity and the natural world. This series features an interplay of hand-spun yarns and layering techniques, along with micro-variations of needlepoint techniques, bringing to life a narrative that honors craft and its role in preserving collective identities. Complementing this narrative, the series also features sculptures handcrafted using bamboo, terracotta, and basket weaving techniques — a tribute to the enduring spirit of the feminine.

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Raw Mango’s Common Nouns: Connecting Art, Design, and Fashion

Raw Mango’s exhibition, Common Nouns, explores the timelessness of diverse inspirations through digital works by contemporary designers and artists. The exhibition reflects Raw Mango’s perspective as a design brand and a part of cultural movements happening in its time.

The Embroidered Wall: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Design

Couturier Tarun Tahiliani emphasizes the existence of the intersection of art and design and how it goes beyond aesthetics. He believes that designers and artists are now exploring emotions and depth through their collaborative endeavors.

Exploring Traditional Craft through Wall Art

The Tarun Tahiliani Design Studio entered the space of wall art in 2020, driven by the purpose of paying homage to traditional techniques and keeping generational crafts alive by contemporizing them. The studio began experimenting with storytelling through craft on formless textiles, resulting in works such as their rendition of pichwais and embroidered walls.

Vikram Goyal Studio’s Confluence of Art, Design, and Craft

Founder Vikram Goyal acknowledges the increasing attention given to collectible design globally, which is mirrored in India. The studio’s works in brass reflect the creativity in the area of design, stemming from the abundance of craft in the country. The Song of the Forest line is a testament to the studio’s innovative design language that incorporates elements of sheet hammering, casting, and the use of semi-precious materials, inspired by the Indian mangroves.

In conclusion, these art pieces and exhibitions exemplify the interconnectedness of art, design, and craft, emphasizing the importance of traditional techniques, cultural movements, and storytelling through creativity.

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