Prioritizing Gut Health, 3 Tips for Aging Well

Discover how 69-year-old fitness trainer Liz Hilliard maintains her gut health as she nears 70. Learn her daily regimen and get a $5 coupon for Align Probiotic supplement at

Optimizing Gut Health in Your Golden Years

As we age, our bodies undergo numerous changes, and not all of them are positive. One of the downsides of aging is the slowing down of the digestive tract, leaving us more susceptible to occasional abdominal discomfort. This can manifest as bloating and gas, often making us feel the need to loosen our belts after a large meal. However, maintaining a healthy gut as we age is entirely possible, as 69-year-old fitness trainer Liz Hilliard, owner and creator of the Hilliard Studio Method, can attest.

Over the years, Hilliard noticed signs that her gut health might be out of balance, such as occasional bloating and gas, and more frequent episodes of digestive upset. Rather than resigning herself to these discomforts, Hilliard took proactive steps to prioritize her gut health. She firmly believes that even as our digestive processes slow down with age, occasional bloating and gas should not hinder our comfort in our own bodies. By placing an emphasis on gut health, Hilliard has been able to maintain her overall wellness, enabling her to continue doing the things she loves, such as her workouts and exercise routine.

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Supporting Digestive Health with Age

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy gut as you age, you might want to adopt some of the strategies that have worked for Liz Hilliard. Here are three ways she supports her digestive system every day, based on the signals her body has given her:

1. Taking a Daily Probiotic Supplement

Hilliard has found that taking a probiotic supplement every day has been instrumental in supporting her overall well-being. Previously struggling with occasional bloating and gas, she has experienced significant relief since incorporating a probiotic into her daily routine. An excellent option is Align Bloating Relief + Food Digestion Probiotics Supplement Capsules, which contains the unique probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium 35624™, designed to soothe occasional bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort. It also includes vitamin B12 and a blend of digestive enzymes to support the breakdown of food and overall gut health.

2. Moving the Body Every Day

It’s no secret that incorporating movement and exercise into your daily routine is essential for overall health. What you might not know is that exercise can also support gut health. Hilliard advocates for daily exercise to maintain gut health, emphasizing the importance of any type of movement. A simple daily walk can go a long way in keeping your digestive system healthy. For those experiencing gut discomfort, Hilliard recommends specific movements such as leg extensions and stretching to aid digestion.

3. Staying Hydrated

For Hilliard, staying hydrated has been crucial in promoting good digestion. She aims to drink at least half her body weight in ounces of water every day, emphasizing the role of water in breaking down food and facilitating nutrient absorption. By staying hydrated, Hilliard has noticed significant improvements in waste elimination from her body.

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By paying attention to her body’s signals and making gut-friendly changes to her diet and lifestyle, Hilliard has been able to prioritize her gut health as she nears 70. Now, it’s your turn to tune in to your body and explore the signs it might be sending you. Supporting your gut health is a crucial step towards a healthier you, so consider starting with a daily probiotic supplement like Align Bloating Relief + Food Digestion Probiotics. You may also want to join the Healthy Gut Team Up by signing up at to receive a $5 coupon, valid on any one (1) Align Probiotic supplement product. Remember that taking care of your gut is an essential part of maintaining overall wellness as you age.

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