Kerala Arts & Crafts Village Showcases Progressive Policies

Exhibition at Keraleeyam Festival Celebrates Kerala’s Progressive Policies and Projects

In an artistic display of Kerala’s journey through various state governments, an exhibition organized by the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village at the Central Stadium as part of the Keraleeyam festival is garnering attention. This exhibition, which showcases the progressive policies and projects implemented over the years, pays tribute to the visionary leadership that has shaped the state’s growth and development.

Highlighting the Legacy of 12 Chief Ministers

One of the stalls at the exhibition focuses on the policy initiatives undertaken by each of the 12 Chief Ministers of Kerala. Through interactive exhibits and informative displays, visitors have the opportunity to explore and understand the impact of these policies on the state’s overall progress. From education to healthcare, from infrastructure to tourism, the displays provide a comprehensive overview of the visionary decisions made by Kerala’s leaders.

Integrating Art and Policy

Another stall at the exhibition showcases a variety of installations inspired by progressive policies. These art installations serve as visual representations of the policies, allowing visitors to engage with them on a deeper level. The exhibition organizer, Kerala Arts and Crafts Village CEO T.U. Sreeprasad, explained that the aim of this display is to emphasize the pivotal role policies have played in the state’s growth since its formation.

Two talented architects, Arjun Prasanth and Patrick John, worked collaboratively to design these installations. They utilized sustainable construction materials to ensure that the exhibition is both visually stunning and environmentally friendly.

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The Journey of Kerala’s Progress

The exhibition captures the journey of Kerala’s progress over the years. It reflects the collective endeavor of the state’s governments to uplift the lives of its citizens through innovative policies and projects. From social welfare initiatives to advancements in various sectors, this artistic chronicle encapsulates the spirit of Kerala’s forward-looking approach.

Visitors to the exhibition are not only able to witness the state’s development firsthand but also gain insights into the meticulous planning and execution behind each policy. The displays inspire a sense of pride among the people of Kerala, emphasizing the sustainable growth trajectory of the state.


Through this mesmerizing exhibition, the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village aims to honor the progressive policies and projects that have shaped the state’s growth and development. Visitors can explore the legacy of each Chief Minister’s contributions and immerse themselves in the visual representations of Kerala’s journey. The artistic installations not only highlight the state’s achievements but also serve as poignant reminders of the importance of visionary leadership and sustainable development. As Kerala continues to forge ahead, this exhibition is a testament to its commitment to progress and innovation.

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