Perseverance in Art: Pa Sa Kumar’s Markings of a Hand

Artist Pa Sa Kumar Finds New Artistic Expression After Injury

Pa Sa Kumar, a talented artist based in Bengaluru, has found a new artistic expression after a life-changing accident in 1998. Following the accident, which resulted in damage to his clavicle and right hand, Kumar was told by a doctor that there was only a 50% chance he would ever draw again. This news shook him to his core, as drawing was the only thing he knew.

Determined not to let his passion wilt away, Kumar decided to take a chance drawing with his left hand. Despite the initial difficulties, he found that there was something impactful about what he drew with his left hand – an effect he could not recreate with his right. According to Kumar, “The left hand questions what your brain tells it to do – never coming to a stop at the required spot, sometimes even jumping beyond the boundary you thought of. That makes what you create interesting, and the resulting art is at times unintentionally more aesthetically powerful than you would expect.”

Over a period of three years, Kumar felt he had gained sufficient mastery over his left hand, even as he gradually gained the use of his right hand. This journey led to a series of works done with ink and acrylic on paper, ranging in size from A4 sheet dimensions to slightly larger works, which are now on display at the Art Houz Gallery in Vasanth Nagar.

Titled “Markings of a Hand,” the exhibition showcases 81 works of art selected from the approximately 200 pieces Kumar has created from 1998 till now. According to Kumar, the moon is a metaphor for his work, representing the dreams of those in the middle class and below – dreams that never end, but are still chased every day.

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The realization of the moon’s significance came to Kumar during a trip from Bangalore to Mysore, when he observed the moon accompanying him from Ramnagara to his destination. He recalls thinking, “This is Life. I can’t touch it or ever catch it, but it will always be there.” This realization led to the moon becoming a metaphor for his artwork.

The exhibition, curated by writer Pramila Lochan and hosted at Art Houz Gallery, will be on display until November 27, 2023. Kumar credits Pramila and Jayanthi S of Art Houz for bringing his work to the public eye and providing the encouragement and platform needed to showcase his talent.

For Kumar, this exhibition represents a new chapter in his artistic journey, one that has been shaped by resilience, determination, and a willingness to embrace new challenges and forms of expression.

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