Running for a Cause with Edouard Meylan of H Moser & Cie

Last week, Edouard Meylan, the CEO of Moser & Cie, accomplished the challenging Jungfrau Marathon 2021 alongside his brother, Bertrand, CEO of Hautlence. Edouard shared the grueling 42 km course with a 2000m ascent on Instagram. This remarkable achievement, which the 44-year-old Swiss CEO dedicated months to prepare for, garnered immense support from the Moser community on social media. The marathon served as a fundraiser for RoomtoRead, a non-profit organization committed to promoting girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa.

In a recent interview with The Hindu Weekend, Meylan emphasized his belief that “everything starts with education.” As a father of four, three of whom are girls, he underscored the significance of providing young girls with access to education. The initiative struck a chord across the entire Moser organization.

Credit: @edmeylan on Instagram

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Meylan’s Vision for Change

Meylan acknowledged the conscientiousness of his young team, with the average age of his watchmakers being 27. He concurred that this generation is deeply concerned about social causes and the planet’s future. He highlighted the influence of his colleagues and his own children, who advocate for environmentally friendly practices. At Moser, the tradition of giving gifts to guests has been replaced by contributing 10 books in their name to RoomtoRead annually, leading to thousands of books being donated to schools.

The objective of the marathon was to raise nearly 100,000 francs, equivalent to opening five schools. Meylan stressed the paramount importance of education as the catalyst for positive change, affirming, “Education is the way to start.”

Edouard Meylan

Edouard Meylan

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Commitment to Sustainability

In addressing sustainability concerns often associated with luxury brands, Meylan revealed that Moser & Cie is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council after years of meticulous efforts. While acknowledging their limitations in self-sustainability, unlike larger brands like IWC, Moser strives to lessen its carbon footprint. Meylan emphasized the brand’s commitment to implementing environmentally friendly practices discreetly, rather than engaging in superficial strategies like using recycled watch straps.

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