UK Launches Climate-Resilient Crop Initiative

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to announce new science initiative at Global Food Security Summit in London.

New Science Initiative to Tackle Global Food Insecurity

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will announce a new science initiative to bring together work on developing climate-resilient crops as his government hosts a Global Food Security Summit in London on Monday.

Global Food Security Summit: A Joint Initiative

The summit, a joint initiative between Britain, Somalia, the UAE, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is due to be attended by representatives from more than 20 countries. Sunak emphasized the need to address the underlying causes of global food insecurity, stating that the UK is playing a leading role in finding solutions to these challenges.

New Virtual Science Hub

Britain announced the establishment of a new virtual science hub led by CGIAR, a global research partnership uniting international organizations working on food security. This hub will link UK scientists with research initiatives to develop crops resilient to climate change and more disease resistant.

International Development Policy on Food Insecurity

The British government will publish a new international development policy document, or White Paper, on food insecurity. This document will outline plans to work in partnership with countries to tackle extreme poverty and climate change, focusing on mobilizing international finance and harnessing innovation, as per the priorities set by Britain’s Foreign Office.

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Humanitarian Funding Commitment

As part of their commitment to combating food insecurity, Britain announced providing up to 100 million pounds ($125 million) in humanitarian funding to countries most affected by food insecurity and climate-related disasters such as Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Malawi.

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