Priyadarsini Govind’s Performance Improved with Quietude


Experience the serene and impactful Bharatanatyam performance by Priyadarsini Govind at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha during the Margazhi festival 2023.

Priyadarsini Govind Performance at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha

Priyadarsini Govind, the renowned Bharatanatyam dancer, mesmerized the audience with her exceptional performance at the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha during the Margazhi festival 2023. Her graceful movements and powerful expressions showcased her unwavering dedication to the art form.

A Timeless Performance

Priyadarsini’s performance exuded a sense of tranquility and confidence, reflecting her mastery of the margam, nritta, and abhinaya. Her style effortlessly embraced moments of silence, creating a seamless flow in her presentation.

A Captivating Rendition

Commencing her performance with a pancha jaathi alarippu for Pambatti Sidhar’s ‘Aadu pambe’, Priyadarsini flawlessly embodied the essence of the snake, skillfully navigating the intricate rhythm created by mridangist G. Vijayaraghavan and the music arrangement by Rajkumar Bharati.

Elegance in Silence

The Khamas daru varnam ‘Mathe Malayadhwaja’ (Adi tala, Harikesanallur Muthaiah Bhagavatar) showcased Priyadarsini’s exceptional ability to convey emotion without amplification. The portrayal of Shiva and Parvathi’s children, Ganesha and Muruga, along with their family of animals and vahanas, was a testament to her artistry.

A Dancer’s Subtlety

Priyardarsini’s nuanced portrayal of Ravana’s 10 faces and the humor in Vidyapathi’s ‘Ki kahab he sakhi’ captured the audience’s attention, revealing her versatility as a performer.

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Emotional Resonance

Vocalist Murali Sangeeth’s rendition of ‘Jagadodharana’ (Kapi, Adi, Purandaradasa) enriched the performance with emotional depth, accentuating the poignant moments depicted by Priyadarsini through her abhinaya.

A Spectacular Finale

The performance concluded with a captivating Purvi thillana (Rupaka, Thirugokaranam Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar) and an abhang (‘Vrindavani venu’), accompanied by melodious renditions from Shikhamani (violin) and Muthukumar (flute), and graceful accompaniment from Shaktivel Muruganandan (mridangam) and Jayashree Ramnath (nattuvangam).

Enhancing the Dancer’s Vision

The accompanists’ restraint and dignity added depth to Priyadarsini’s performance, elevating her vision of quiet enjoyment and adding to the overall experience for the audience.


In conclusion, Priyadarsini Govind’s performance at the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha was a testament to her exceptional artistry, unwavering dedication, and profound understanding of Bharatanatyam. Her ability to convey profound emotions and stories through her performance left a lasting impression on the audience, solidifying her position as a powerhouse in the world of Indian classical dance.