Dangerous poor lighting on Ponmalai highway

Read about the poorly illuminated and accident-prone stretches of the Tiruchi-Madurai National Highway in Tiruchi, posing a threat to road users at night.

Street Light Issue Plagues Tiruchi Highways

Several busy stretches of the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway in Tiruchi limits are increasingly becoming potential accident zones due to poor illumination, posing a threat to road users at night. This emboldens criminals to operate without fear.

Miscreants Taking Advantage of Poor Illumination

Road users have been facing difficulties while traveling on the overbridge near Ponmalai Railway Station on the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway and in navigating the curve connecting Senthaneerpuram with G. Corner at night due to poor illumination. S. Alamelu, a road user from K.K. Nagar, mentioned that the situation is no different along the stretch between Mannarpuram and Panjappur on the Tiruchi-Madurai National Highway, where miscreants take advantage of the darkness in the absence of street lights and have attempted to commit robberies.

P. Ayyarappan, president of the Road Users Welfare Association, highlighted the lack of street lights along the highway near G-Corner, an accident zone. Despite raising this issue multiple times in the road safety meeting, no steps have been taken to illuminate the stretch. This issue has led to criminal elements targeting two-wheeler riders on the poorly lit stretch, making the road between Senthaneerpuram and G-Corner, as well as Mannarpuram and Panjappur, hotspots for anti-social activities.

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Overbridge Closure and Traffic Woes

The overbridge on one of the carriageways of the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway near the Ponmalai Railway Station was recently closed for traffic after damages were noticed along its approach road. The police allowed two-way traffic on the other carriageway along the stretch and imposed restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles. However, the vehicles continue to move at a snail’s pace in the bumper-to-bumper crawl, further inflating the traffic woes of road users.

Solar Street Lights Proposal

A proposal to install double-arm solar street lights along the stretch between Senthaneerpuram and G-Corner on the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway is in the finalization process. After a field-level inspection to finalize locations for street lights, the proposal will be forwarded to the NHAI for approval, official sources revealed.

The agency is set to install solar street lights on a priority basis in six identified locations recommended by the traffic police along the stretch between Mannarpuram and Panjappur on the Tiruchi-Madurai National Highway by next week.

Immediate Action Needed for Street Light Installation

President P. Ayyarappan emphasized the urgent need for the NHAI to take immediate steps to install street lights along the stretches mentioned. Lack of proper illumination not only poses a threat to road users at night but also emboldens criminal activities.

Challenges and Road Safety

The absence of proper lighting not only increases the risk of accidents but also provides a conducive environment for criminal activities. Road users face significant challenges navigating these poorly lit stretches, leading to an increased likelihood of accidents and criminal incidents.

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Collaborative Efforts for Road Safety

Efforts by the Road Users Welfare Association and the recommendations from the traffic police demonstrate a collective effort to address these safety concerns. The NHAI’s cooperation and swift action in installing street lights will be crucial in ensuring the safety of road users and deterring criminal activities along these highway stretches.


The installation of proper street lighting is crucial to enhancing road safety and deterring criminal activities along the busy stretches of the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway and the Tiruchi-Madurai National Highway. The collaborative efforts of the concerned authorities and organizations are essential in addressing these issues promptly and effectively.

By taking immediate action to install street lights, the NHAI can significantly improve the safety and security of road users, making these stretches less vulnerable to accidents and criminal incidents.