Tiruchi Railway Workshop: Electric Loco Overhaul Estimate

Golden Rock Railway Workshop in Tiruchi Prepares for Overhaul of Electric Locomotives

Preparing for Electric Locomotive Overhaul

The over 95-year-old Golden Rock Railway Workshop in Tiruchi is gearing up for a major shift as it aims to expand its operations to include the periodic overhaul (POH) of electric locomotives. This move comes in response to an advisory from the Southern Railway headquarters, signaling a significant transformation for this historic British-era workshop.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Planning

As the workshop embarks on this new endeavor, it will undertake a detailed estimation process to establish the required infrastructure for electric locomotive maintenance within its premises. This comprehensive estimate will encompass the civil works essential for creating specialized facilities, including the construction of a dedicated shed to accommodate electric locomotives, installation of necessary machinery, electrical arrangements, and associated costs. Workshop authorities emphasized the need for a separate setup due to the significant differences in components between electric and diesel locomotives.

Adapting to the Electrified Landscape

With the electrification of several broad gauge sections across the railway network, the demand for electric locomotives to haul express and freight trains has surged. In response, the workshop has already initiated the POH of MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) rakes, thereby facilitating their deployment for shorter stretches and replacing Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) trains.

Venturing into New Territory

In addition to its traditional activities, the workshop has ventured into the refurbishment of old passenger coaches into automobile carriers. As passenger coaches complete their operational lifespans of 20 or 25 years, they are sent to the workshop where they undergo extensive modifications to serve as automobile carriers. This innovative approach has resulted in the production of over 175 automobile carriers from the workshop to date.

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The Golden Rock Railway Workshop in Tiruchi is poised for a significant expansion, both in terms of the services it offers and the types of locomotives it serves. The preparation for electric locomotive overhaul and the innovative conversion of old passenger coaches into automobile carriers reflect the workshop’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the railway industry.

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