Tiruchi book fair attracts students in droves

Encouraging Reading Habit

Large groups of students have been enthusiastically attending the book fair organized by the district administration at St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School in Tiruchi. The primary objective of the fair is to promote the reading habit among the city’s youth.

Event Details

The book expo, inaugurated on November 24, will be open to the public until December 4. The fair boasts a total of 160 stalls, offering a wide range of reading material. Additionally, the event features science exhibitions, an oratory platform, and a food court, providing added attractions for the attending students.

Community Engagement

Several schools have arranged visits to the fair for their students to encourage them to explore and engage with the world of books, thereby fostering a culture of reading among the younger generation.

Donation Drive

One notable highlight of the fair is the initiative to collect reading material for inmates of Tiruchi’s Central Jail. The booth set up for this purpose has already received over 700 books donated by members of the public. The goal is to gather a variety of topics that would positively impact the lives of the 1,800 inmates at the facility.

Book Trends and Feedback

Despite the enthusiasm surrounding the fair, some book vendors and visitors have noted certain trends and feedback. For instance, there is a lack of recent publicity for certain literary works, such as the absence of promotional efforts for Tamil movies based on the epic novel ‘Ponniyin Selvan’. Additionally, some stakeholders have expressed concerns about the diversity of reading options available at the fair, emphasizing the need for a more extensive selection of books catering to various interests and multilingual readership.

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Overall Reflection

The combination of high student footfall and feedback from vendors and visitors suggests a need for the fair organizers to reassess the selection and variety of reading materials offered. By addressing these considerations, the fair can better serve its purpose of nurturing a love for reading among the city’s youth and fostering a thriving literary community.

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