Top climate stories of the year, Amazon chatbot ranking.


Amazon’s new AI chatbot, QNot, is designed to help code and manage cloud software for businesses. Commit starting at $2.49/month! Read the full story.

2 Elon Musk promoted the risky pizzagate conspiracy theory, adding to a series of debunked theories. This comes at a time when the platform is struggling to retain advertisers, as reported by Motherboard.

3 Apple’s partnership with Goldman Sachs for its credit card might be winding down, but it’s unclear if this marks the end of Apple’s venture into finance, as reported by WSJ.

4 Contrary to popular belief, there’s no evidence that the internet is harmful to mental health, as reported by FT. In fact, your kid’s phone probably isn’t causing depression, according to MIT Technology Review.

5 Amazon’s disruption of rural mail services in America has raised concerns among postal workers and customers, as reported by WP.

6 Noteworthy women in the AI industry are reluctant to join OpenAI’s all-male board, reflecting wider gender issues in the tech industry, as reported by Wired. Additionally, a prominent female tech influencer’s accounts are managed by a man, according to 404 Media. MIT Technology Review examines the ongoing challenge of tech’s gender problem.

7 Hydrogen is gaining traction as a green energy source, but its efficiency remains a point of concern, as reported by The Atlantic. MIT Technology Review delves into when hydrogen will benefit climate change and when it won’t.

8 Hots&Cots, a new app, features images of poor living conditions in military barracks. Motherboard explores how military tech is leaning heavily towards AI.

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9 The world’s first AI singer’s debut has not been as impressive as hoped, as reported by Insider.

10 The aesthetically pleasing office spaces on Instagram are not enough to entice workers back, as reported by NYT.

In other news, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo explains her departure from a well-known platform after 14 years, calling it a “vast global sewer,” as reported by Insider.

The big story of the day focuses on how robotic honeybees and hives could help the species fight back. Elizabeth Preston uncovers the concept of ecosystem hacking and how it could benefit nature.

In “We can still have nice things,” we explore the joys of snuggling up with a great book now that the nights are drawing in. Additionally, we delve into how to turn a fictional brand into a real-world success and the complexities of learning Navajo, among other enjoyable topics.

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