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Exploring ‘Paradise Regained’: A Showcase of Natural Inspiration

Artist KP Pradeep Kumar, hailing from Kochi, delves into the depths of nature with his artwork ‘The River Flowing through Me’, currently on display at the Palette Art Gallery as part of the ongoing exhibition ‘Paradise Regained’. This exhibition, featuring 24 captivating works by 10 artists, focuses on drawing inspiration from landscapes.

The Essence of ‘Lungs of the Earth’

Art curator Uma Nair describes landscapes as eternal, emphasizing wilderness and trees as the lungs of the Earth, a central unifying theme in the artworks. The lush forests of Kerala take center stage in the artists’ portrayals, underscoring the exhibition’s core message of conservation and preservation.

Each piece tells a unique narrative, meticulously crafted by artists spanning different generations. From emerging talents to seasoned artists like Paramjit Singh, the exhibition showcases a range of styles. Singh’s landscapes, characterized by expert brushstrokes and hues, seamlessly transition from realism to abstraction, exuding a distinctive luminosity that captures rugged hills, boulders, trees, and the expansive sky.

Diverse Techniques and Mediums

Among the artists showcasing their work, six represent Kerala, each employing a distinct technique to capture the essence of the region’s forests. Noteworthy pieces include Umesh PK’s aerial view of deep crimson bushes, Prasad KP’s surreal depiction of light, Shaji Appukuttan’s tranquil nocturnal tree, and Sanam Narayanan’s mixed media artworks on rice paper canvas, imbued with philosophical depth.

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The artworks utilize various techniques and mediums such as pastels, graphite, watercolor washes, and gouache, creating opaque and vivid representations of the natural world.

The Artistic Fusion of Colors

The artists’ use of layered, overlapping, and fused colors creates visually engaging pieces that resonate with viewers on multiple levels. Each artist’s unique style fosters a dialogue between visual elements and underlying concepts, enriching the artistic discourse. For instance, Prasad’s works seek to unveil the interconnectedness of all-natural elements, encapsulating the ancient belief of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, where all entities manifest from a single life energy.

Further exploration comes from Joydeep Acharjee, highlighting the clash between human structures and natural decay in his north-eastern hometown, and Sanket Viramgami, who blends Persian miniaturist styles with traditional Indian crafts.

Delving into Contemporary Themes

The artists dive into the complexities of contemporary existence, exploring themes of beauty, kindness, cruelty, loneliness, contentment, and loss. Amidst these reflections, the tranquility of life’s quieter moments shines through, offering assurance that turbulence eventually subsides.

Visit the Palette Art Gallery at 14 Golf Links to immerse yourself in this artistic journey. The exhibition runs until June 1 from 11 am to 7 pm.

Written by Kriti Komal