The Hindu Fridays Inaugural Event: Celebrating Word and Voice

Sikkil Gurucharan and Madhan Karky at The Hindu Friday Review interactive musical session held at The Hindu premises

Sikkil Gurucharan and Madhan Karky recently participated in a musical session hosted by The Hindu Friday Review and Storiculture. The event aimed to make Carnatic music more accessible and inclusive, breaking down traditional barriers and showcasing the art form in new and exciting ways.

During the session, Gurucharan and Madhan shared insights into their artistic journeys, collaborations, and techniques. Madhan revealed that his inspiration for writing the song ‘Sinam kol maname’ came from a chance encounter with the book “Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion” by Carol Travis. Gurucharan also spoke about his experience singing Madhan’s anger-themed song and the interesting juxtaposition of contrasting ideas in their collaborations.

The event also featured collaborations with pianist Anil Srinivasan and filmmaker Rajiv Menon, showcasing the diverse influences and creative partnerships that Gurucharan and Madhan have developed.

One particularly unique segment of the event involved the duo composing a song on the spot based on a theme suggested by the audience. The theme of “Thirumanam” (wedding) was chosen, and with the input of the audience, Madhan spontaneously wrote the lyrics while Gurucharan set it to tune and sang it.

The session concluded with a special speech by veteran musician T.V. Gopalakrishnan, emphasizing the importance of evolving tradition and presenting classical arts in novel ways to preserve and popularize them.

Overall, the event provided a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and creativity, showcasing the beauty and significance of inclusivity in classical music and literature. It was a truly unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience for all music enthusiasts in attendance.

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