Former LDF Candidate Shelna Nishad Passes Away

Shelna Nishad: A Remarkable Journey

Shelna Nishad (file)

Shelna Nishad (file) | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

The Remarkable Journey of Shelna Nishad

The late Shelna Nishad, a prominent figure in Kerala’s political landscape, passed away on November 19, 2023,
leaving behind a legacy of resilience and dedication.

Political Aspirations and Challenges

In the 2021 Assembly elections, Shelna Nishad contested as an independent candidate of the Left Democratic Front
(LDF) in the Aluva constituency, marking her courageous foray into the realm of politics.

Despite facing the challenges of illness, she fearlessly pursued her political ambitions, making a lasting
impact on her community and beyond.

Professional Background

Beyond her political endeavors, Shelna Nishad was an accomplished architect who played a significant role in the
design of Kochi Metro’s stations. Her contributions to the field of architecture were substantial, reflecting
her talent and passion for her work.

A Lasting Legacy

Shelna Nishad’s untimely passing is a profound loss to her family, friends, and the broader community. Her
resilience, courage, and dedication will continue to inspire all those who were touched by her remarkable

Her memory will forever live on as a testament to the impact one individual can have on their community and the
world at large.

With her unwavering commitment to causes she believed in, Shelna Nishad leaves behind a legacy of strength,
compassion, and determination. She will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

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Final Farewell

Shelna Nishad’s burial took place at Town Juma Masjid, Aluva, on November 20th, marking the end of an era.

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