Top English TV Shows 2023: Succession, Bear, The Last of Us, Gen V

2023 in Television: A Phenomenal Year Despite Turmoil

In 2023, the television industry faced its fair share of challenges, including the writers’ and actors’ strikes simmering beneath the surface. Despite these obstacles, the year saw a number of high-profile outings that gained significant attention. While some shows faced cancellations, streaming numbers and revenues reached unprecedented levels. The year also witnessed an emergence of prestige television, introducing timeless classics alongside disappointing projects and stars. Here’s a detailed look at the best English shows of 2023:

Succession: Corporate Drama at Its Finest

Jesse Armstrong’s corporate saga “Succession” rightfully stakes its claim to be amongst TV’s greatest-ever dramas. The show’s four stunning seasons kept audiences on the edge of their seats as they waited to see who would ascend the throne of the Roy family empire. With unexpected plot twists and stellar performances, “Succession” was a magnificent display of television royalty at its finest.

The Last of Us: A Splendid Video Game Adaptation

Based on the popular video game, “The Last of Us” was a post-apocalyptic thriller that captivated audiences with its harrowing journey undertaken by a tough smuggler and a snarky teenager. The series boasted outstanding acting, writing, and production design, earning recognition as a splendid adaptation.

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The Bear: A Sophomore Season Triumph

“The Bear” managed to exceed the unreal expectations set by its near-perfect first season. The show delved into the coming-of-age journeys of different chefs, delivering career-defining performances and earning a spot among the best individual television episodes of the year.

Beef: A Relentless, Tense Drama

This relentless drama from first-time creator Lee Sung Jin offered a devilishly dark exploration of class differences, repressed resentment, and Asian-American immigrant identity. Featuring phenomenal performances from Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, “Beef” was both hilarious and empathetic, making it a standout series of the year.

A Murder at the End of the World: A Binge-Worthy Crime Mystery

Featuring thrills, suspects, and red herrings galore, “A Murder at the End of the World” offered a modern take on classic crime mysteries, keeping audiences engaged with its compelling storyline and brilliant performances.

Invincible: An Eye-Popping Animated Show

The second season of “Invincible” delivered an epic battle and outstanding animation, making it a worthy addition to the roster of content exploring aspects of what it means to be a hero.

The Curse: An Awkward Yet Original Creation

“The Curse” stood out as the most original television outing of the year with its deeply cringe-inducing yet genius storyline. It offered a unique take on modern-day reality television, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Dead Ringers: An Uncomfortable Watch Anchored by Dazzling Performance

Uncomfortable but compelling, “Dead Ringers” featured a dazzling performance from Rachel Weisz, anchoring the series with a fascinating psychological study of rivalry, jealousy, fear, mental illness, longing, and loathing.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: A Delightful Surprise

This anime adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels was a delightful surprise, staying true to its nostalgic identity while offering a fresh perspective and enjoyable animation.

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Gen V: A Fun and Thrilling Superhero Spin-Off

“Gen V” offered unlimited thrills and spills as a thrilling superhero spin-off, providing a fun and compelling addition to the television landscape.

In addition to the standout shows mentioned above, notable mentions include “Jury Duty,” “Silo,” “Blue Eye Samurai,” “Party Down revival,” “Poker Face,” and “Slow Horses.” Overall, 2023 was a phenomenal year for television, filled with exceptional storytelling, compelling performances, and groundbreaking productions.

With streaming numbers and revenues reaching new heights, television in 2023 demonstrated the industry’s resilience and ability to captivate audiences despite the underlying turmoil. As audiences eagerly anticipate future releases, the year’s best English shows have left a lasting impact, setting the stage for even more remarkable content in the years to come.

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