Michael Dias’s Debut Album: Tuning into Reality

Singer-songwriter Michael Dias: A Musical Journey

Living the Quiet Life in Aldona, Goa

Michael Dias, a prominent figure in the Bengaluru rock circuit as a member of Mad Orange Fireworks, has recently made a significant change in lifestyle by relocating to the serene town of Aldona in Goa. It is within this peaceful environment that Dias found inspiration to create his debut solo album, Show Me What’s Real.

Embracing the Tranquility of Aldona

Dias expresses his contentment with his new home, stating, “It’s a pretty little village, it’s nice and peaceful and quiet. There’s no traffic.” This change of scenery has not only provided him with a peaceful abode but also served as the catalyst for the creation of a collection of songs that culminated in his debut solo album.

Bringing Real Emotions to Life

Returning to Bengaluru to launch his album at The Raft, Dias performed with a seven-member band, presenting a selection of songs, including the well-received ‘Time Machine’. This poignant piece delves into Dias’ personal journey, providing insight into his relationship with his past and present. Speaking about the song, Dias shares, “I always knew that this was going to be a front-facing song that would stand out whenever I put a solo album out. It’s relatable.”

Showcasing Musical Diversity

The album was born out of demos recorded by Dias at home and later produced by Chennai-based Toby Joseph. The diverse influences of the likes of the Beatles, The Police, and Simon & Garfunkel are evident throughout the album, featuring a range of musicians, including bassist Carl Fernandes, synth artist Alok Merwin, and drummer David Joseph. From the oldest song, ‘Once I Find You’, written in 2003, to the more recent ‘The Fruit’ featuring Shakthisree Gopalan, each track offers a unique perspective, drawing from a myriad of influences.

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A Reflection of Influences

Dias reflects on the varied influences that shaped each song, from channeling an “Eagles” vibe in the title track, ‘Show Me What’s Real’, to infusing a “Bon Jovi” essence in ‘I Can’t Go On’. Each track embodies a distinct sound, demonstrating Dias’ versatility and range as a musician.

The Road Ahead: A Collaborative Journey

Following his performance with a seven-piece band for the album launch, Dias expresses his reluctance to perform alone on stage, emphasizing the desire to collaborate with a larger ensemble. While grappling with the challenges of promoting and marketing his music, Dias has partnered with music company Neon Culture to elevate his presence in the Indian independent music circuit.

In Conclusion

As Michael Dias embarks on this new chapter in his musical journey, his debut solo album, Show Me What’s Real, not only represents a significant personal achievement but also a testament to his musical evolution and the diverse influences that have shaped his artistry.

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