Unveiling the Exciting Lineup for the 2023 National Festival of Dance and Music

27th National Festival of Dance and Music: A Celebration of Artistic Brilliance

In the enchanting world where rhythm and melody converge to create an exquisite symphony of emotions, the 27th edition of the National Festival of Dance and Music continues to shine as a beacon of artistic brilliance. Conceived and nurtured by the esteemed Kuchipudi dancer-duo, Raja and Radha Reddy, this illustrious festival has become a renowned platform in the realm of performing arts. With each passing year, it attracts dancers and musicians from diverse genres, showcasing the grandeur of our traditions.

The Significance of the Festival

As Raja Reddy, one half of the iconic duo, explains, “The idea behind the festival is to showcase the richness of our cultural heritage in music and dance. All dance forms stem from the Natya Veda, but due to regional influences, they have developed distinct characteristics. In our Parampara series, we aim to present art forms from various regions to the audience.” Raja and Radha Reddy founded the Natya Tarangini Institute of Kuchipudi Dance in Delhi in 1976, and the following year, they launched this annual festival to promote the cultural heritage of our country.

A Wholesome Experience for the Audience

With each edition of the Parampara series, Natya Tarangini strives to bring seasoned artists on board, ensuring a memorable experience for the audience. Renowned artists such as Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Kishori Amonkar, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, M. Balamurali Krishna, Begum Parveen Sultana, Vyjayanthimala Bali, Kelucharan Mohapatra, Hariharan, Alarmel Valli, Pt. Birju Maharaj, and Astad Deboo have graced the festival in the past, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of art connoisseurs.

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Featured Artists and Performances

This year’s edition features a lineup of exceptional talent from various artistic disciplines. Accomplished singers like Shubha Mudgal, Fareed Hasan Khan, and Mehboob Hussain Khan are set to mesmerize the audience with their soulful renditions. In the realm of dance, the festival will host performances by Raja Radha Reddy Repertory, contemporary artist Santosh Nair, and Bharatanatyam exponent Vaibhav Arekar.

The performance by Raja Radha Reddy Repertory, titled ‘Hampi Vaibhavam’, offers a captivating glimpse into the four dancing styles that were patronized by King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara empire in the 16th century. The audience will be treated to an amalgamation of Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniattam, showcasing the cultural richness of that era.

Fareed Hasan Khan and Mehboob Hussain Khan, renowned Hindustani vocalists known for their participation in the popular series ‘Bandish Bandits’, will take the stage with raag Yaman Kalyan, delighting the audience with the diverse aspects of the Dilli gharana. Fareed will also enchant the crowd with his famous ‘Garaj-Garaj’ from ‘Bandish Bandits’, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Artistic director of the dance ensemble Sadhya, Santosh Nair, will present ‘Game of Dance’, a performance inspired by the Mahabharata, incorporating elements from Kathakali, Chhau, and contemporary dance forms. Vaibhav Arekar, known for his immersive theatrical presentation style, will stage an exceptional production that will captivate the audience with its unique essence.

Adding to the allure of the festival is Bickram Ghosh, a renowned musician who has been part of four Grammy-nominated albums and one Grammy-awarded album. He will grace the stage with his ensemble ‘Rhythmscape’, enthralling the audience with his performances of ‘Dance of Shiva’, ‘Gangotri’, and ‘Little Krishna’.

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A Platform for Connection and Appreciation

The National Festival of Dance and Music provides a remarkable opportunity for artists to connect with the discerning Delhi audience. Bickram Ghosh expresses his gratitude, saying, “I have known Raja and Radha Reddy for over two decades, and they have built a festival of utmost importance. This platform allows us to connect with the audiences in Delhi and celebrate the beauty of our art.”

Plan Your Visit

The 27th edition of the National Festival of Dance and Music will take place from October 6th to 8th at the Raja Radha Rangmanch, Natya Tarangini Performing Art Centre in Pushp Vihar, Saket, Delhi. The performances will begin at 7 p.m. and conclude at 9 p.m. Don’t miss this extraordinary celebration of art and culture!

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