Funtouch OS 14 Update Released: List of Eligible Vivo and Iqoo Phones

Vivo Launches Funtouch OS 14 Software Update with Exciting New Features

Vivo has released its latest software update, Funtouch OS 14, which is based on the recently launched Android 14. The company has also announced a list of smartphones that will receive the update in the coming months, including both Vivo and Iqoo handsets. This update brings a significant number of upgrades and new features compared to the previous software version.

Enhanced Performance and Multitasking with Smooth Envision

One of the standout features of Funtouch OS 14 is Smooth Envision, which promises to improve the overall performance of the system by optimizing RAM usage and increasing speed. Users with devices that have 8GB or more RAM can free up to 600MB of space, allowing for smoother multitasking. Additionally, the App Retainer ensures that whitelisted apps are always available for use.

Fluid Visual Transitions and Multi-window Support with Motion Blur

The new OS update introduces the Motion Blur feature, which offers more fluid visual transitions when launching and closing apps, even on models with a 60Hz refresh rate. Moreover, users can now have up to 12 small windows active in the background. Funtouch OS 14 also supports side-swipe suspension and a non-interactive mini small window mode, allowing users to monitor specific apps while playing others.

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Revamped User Interface and Video Editing Tools

Funtouch OS 14 brings a fresh look to the lock screen and always-on display with an array of new styles, fonts, and themes. Furthermore, users can now edit videos directly within the system, eliminating the need for third-party applications. The update also enhances the gallery browsing experience by offering more tools, such as choosing video playback speed or looping videos.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

The Smart Mirroring feature in Funtouch OS 14 allows users to share their screen without revealing any personal data in the notification bar, ensuring privacy. Additionally, users can now protect their photos and videos with an added password verification, providing an extra layer of security.

List of Vivo Smartphones Getting Funtouch OS 14 Update in India

Vivo has confirmed the list of smartphones that will receive the Funtouch OS 14 Beta version in India. In the ongoing month of October, the Vivo X90 and Vivo X90 Pro will be the first to receive the update. Other models scheduled to get the update in the following months include Vivo X80 Pro, Vivo X80, Vivo V29 Pro, and many more.

List of iQoo Smartphones Getting Funtouch OS 14 Update in India

Vivo’s sub-brand, iQoo, has also shared the models that will receive the Funtouch OS 14 Beta version in India. The flagship iQoo 11 model will be among the first to receive the update in October. Other iQoo models set to receive the Android 14-based beta update include iQoo 9 Pro, iQoo 9T, iQoo 9, iQoo 9 SE, and several others.

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The Funtouch OS 14 update brings exciting new features and optimizations to a range of Vivo and iQoo smartphones. With improved performance, enhanced multitasking capabilities, revamped user interface, and increased privacy and security measures, users can expect a smoother and more enjoyable experience with their devices. Stay tuned for the rollout of the Funtouch OS 14 Beta version over the coming months.

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