Chennai Rowing: Summer Break Activity

Explore the serene world of rowing in Chennai with a deep dive into the Madras Boat Club (MBC) and the Sri Ramachandra Water Sports Centre. Discover the passion, dedication, and legacy of rowing enthusiasts as they navigate the waters of the Adyar river, offering a unique perspective on the city’s waterways.

The Beauty of Dawn Rowing

At 6 am, while Chennai awakens to a new day, rowers at the Madras Boat Club emerge to embrace the tranquility of the Adyar river. With a gentle grace, they glide through the once-sedate waters, their oars slicing through the ripples, accompanied only by the sounds of nature and the rhythmic thump of oars in motion.

A Legacy of Rowing Excellence

Meet Sumana Narayanan, the vice captain of boats at MBC, whose family boasts a lineage of female rowers. Surrounded by photos of her mother and aunts adorning the walls of the 156-year-old club, Sumana shares insights into the poetic allure of rowing and the timeless appeal it holds for enthusiasts of all ages.

Championing the Sport

Step into the world of MR Ravindra, advocate and captain of boats at MBC, whose dedication to propelling the sport forward has shaped his daily life. Discover the mental and physical prowess required for rowing, as Ravindra reflects on the unique blend of strength and stamina that defines rowers.

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A Pathway to Excellence

Delve into the efforts of the Sri Ramachandra Water Sports Centre in grooming the next generation of rowing champions. Explore their state-of-the-art facilities and training programs designed to hone the skills of aspiring rowers, with a focus on producing top-tier athletes for national and international competitions.

The Essence of Rowing

Uncover the essence of rowing as a holistic form of exercise that engages the entire body, with a special emphasis on leg and core strength. Gain insights from seasoned rowers like Sumana and Ravindra, who attribute their deep connection to the water to years of dedicated practice and observation.

Guardians of the River

Witness the profound impact of rowing enthusiasts on the ecosystem of the Adyar river, as they navigate its changing landscape and advocate for its preservation. Learn about their role as stewards of the river, from raising awareness about pollution to engaging in rescue efforts during challenging times.

Embracing the Rowing Culture

Join the vibrant community of rowing enthusiasts at MBC and the Sri Ramachandra Water Sports Centre, as they open their doors to aspiring rowers through summer camps and training programs. Experience the camaraderie and passion that define the rowing culture in Chennai.


Discover the allure of rowing in Chennai, where passion meets perseverance on the tranquil waters of the Adyar river. Uncover the rich legacy of rowing excellence that thrives amidst the bustling cityscape, as enthusiasts continue to uphold the tradition of this timeless sport.