Delhi Jungly Glow Up: Wellness Festival

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the focus shifts towards health and wellness, prompting the introduction of the Jungly Glow Up wellness festival by Ananya Bhandare and Pratishtha Rawat. This event aims to revolutionize self-care practices and make wellness more enjoyable and accessible to all.

The Essence of Wellness

According to Ananya, the Founder of Jungly Delights, health and wellness should be a fun and inclusive journey towards leading a happy and healthy life. It encompasses not just physical well-being but also mental and spiritual harmony. The Jungly Glow Up festival adopts a holistic approach to wellness by offering various activities such as meditation, art therapy, journaling, and yoga.

Community-Centric Wellness

The key to making wellness enjoyable lies in providing activities that resonate with individuals and foster a sense of community. With this ethos in mind, the Jungly Glow Up festival has curated a diverse lineup of wellness sessions conducted by industry experts. These include sound baths, pilates, art therapy, and fireside chats covering topics from healthy habits to mental health and sexual well-being.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The Jungly Glow Up festival caters to all age groups, with a dedicated kids’ corner and live DJ to entertain children and teenagers. Additionally, activities like reflexology, acupuncture, a wellness bar, and a clean cocktails bar aim to pamper attendees and provide a wholesome experience for families.

Aesthetic Enrichment

Pratistha, the founder of Glow Glossary, emphasizes the importance of creating an enriching and aesthetically pleasing event. From vibrant decor to a welcoming atmosphere, every aspect of the festival is meticulously designed to appeal to the senses and uplift spirits.

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Inspiration from Blue Zones

The event draws inspiration from Blue Zones, regions with a high number of centenarians, where community plays a pivotal role in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Jungly Glow Up festival aims to foster camaraderie among attendees by encouraging connections and shared experiences.

Pet-Friendly Wellness

Recognizing the impact of pets on well-being, the Jungly Glow Up festival extends a warm welcome to furry friends, highlighting the integral role they play in our overall wellness.

Experience the Jungly Glow Up festival at Araya Bagh, MG Road, on March 31 from 9 am to 8 pm. Tickets range from ₹299 to ₹1,299, depending on access to various zones, and can be booked here.