BMW Group partners with Rimac for BEV battery tech.

The BMW Group and Rimac Technology Announce Long-Term Partnership

The BMW Group has officially revealed a strategic collaboration with Rimac Technology, based in Zagreb, Croatia. This partnership aims to co-develop and co-produce innovative solutions focusing on high-voltage battery technology for selected battery-electric vehicles.

Highlighting the strengths and expertise of both companies, this partnership signifies a significant step in the BMW Group’s electrification strategy. With the goal of enhancing its position in the premium electric mobility sector, the BMW Group is leveraging over 15 years of experience in battery and electric drive systems to advance its offerings in the electric vehicle market.

As a key player within the Rimac Group, Rimac Technology is a distinguished Tier 1 supplier specialized in automotive electrification. Their range of products includes high-voltage battery packs, e-axles, electronics, and software solutions, all designed and produced in-house to provide cutting-edge technology with a high level of customization.

Rimac Technology’s Transition and Future Prospects

This strategic partnership with the BMW Group marks an important transition for Rimac Technology, moving from a niche high-performance solutions supplier to a high-volume Tier 1 supplier. The collaboration between these two industry leaders promises to deliver groundbreaking advancements in electric vehicle technology.

Both companies are set to release further details regarding the specifics of their collaboration, including the scope and nature of the strategic tie-up, in the coming stages. This unveiling is highly anticipated within the automotive industry, as it holds the promise of redefining the future of high-voltage battery technology.

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The Future of BMW’s Electric Drive Technology

Parallel to this partnership announcement, the BMW Group is gearing up for the launch of the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology. This new technology iteration is expected to address key customer attributes such as range and charging time, enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of BMW’s electric vehicle lineup.

With a relentless focus on innovation and sustainability, the BMW Group continues to set new standards in the electric mobility sector, positioning itself at the forefront of the global transition towards electric vehicles.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the BMW Group and Rimac Technology represents a significant milestone in the evolution of electric vehicle technology. By leveraging their respective strengths and expertise, these two companies are set to drive the future of high-voltage battery technology and revolutionize the electric vehicle market.