LuLu opens first hypermarket in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Grand Opening of LuLu Hypermarket in Coimbatore Delights Shoppers

Coimbatore, known as the Manchester of South India, is abuzz with excitement as the newly-opened LuLu Hypermarket at Lakshmi Mills Compound on Avinashi Road has captured the hearts of thousands of eager shoppers. With a vast array of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, beauty and wellness items, electronics, and much more, the hypermarket has become a hub of activity and celebration.

As shoppers flood the massive corridor of the mall, they are met with a vibrant selection of goods, from fresh produce to the latest mobile phones and laptops. The enthusiasm is palpable as people fill their carts with goodies, take selfies, and share their experience with friends and family over video chats.

Among the rich offerings at the store, visitors can indulge in a variety of delights, including dry fruits, chocolates from around the world, and freshly baked breads and cakes from the in-house bakery. The live kubus counter offers soft and fluffy kubus hot off the tawa, while another live counter caters to those craving hot jalebis. Additionally, the store boasts an extensive organic foods counter showcasing millets, a colorful salad bar, and a range of dishes prepared by LuLu’s in-house chefs, from biryani and shawarmas to tasty munchies.

Expansive Shopping Options

The newly opened LuLu Hypermarket in Coimbatore brings world-class retail amenities to the city, offering everything from fresh produce to electronics and beauty products. Visitors can explore the electronics section LuLu Connect, EyeXpress for eye care, and BLSH for beauty and cosmetics. The hypermarket also features an extensive section dedicated to the latest IOT appliances and electronics.

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There is something for everyone at BLSH, where visitors can learn how to apply lipstick well or master the elusive smoky eye look. This comprehensive retail environment, according to M A Yusuff Ali, chairman of LuLu Group, provides cutting-edge amenities and has created employment opportunities for as many as 5000 people, directly and indirectly.

Fresh and Locally Sourced Products

One notable aspect of the new LuLu Hypermarket is its commitment to sourcing fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy directly from farmers in and around the Coimbatore belt, including regions like Pollachi, Satyamangalam, Theni, Hosur, and Thanjavur. This commitment has been met with enthusiasm from local entrepreneurs like G Sriram Prasad, founder of, an e-commerce company selling a variety of keerai across Coimbatore by networking with local farmers.

Notably, fresh vegetables like beetroot and carrots come from Udhagamandalam, avocados are sourced from Kodaikanal, and native mangoes from Tamil Nadu, benefitting farmers in a significant way.

Convenient Access and Ongoing Offers

The LuLu Hypermarket at Lakshmi Mills Compound is open from 9 am to 11 pm, providing ample time for visitors to explore the vast array of products and offerings. Additionally, the hypermarket is currently running offers with discounts of up to 60% on purchases until June 25, making it an opportune time for shoppers to experience the excitement and convenience of this new retail destination.

For more information and to explore the offerings at LuLu Hypermarket, visit their official website here.

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