Making Fitness Personal: Chennai Startup’s Custom Fit Fitness Pole for Indians

Ditching Jobs in Favor of Fitness: Sthenos’ Journey

The streets of Mannurpet in Chennai are filled with the sounds of machinery and the hustle of small-scale automobile component shops. This is the base for fitness startup, Sthenos, founded by Mathew Fernandes, Prasanna Perumal, and Muthu Veeran, graduates of Rajalakshmi Engineering College. As their college life hit a pause due to lockdowns, they discovered a potential market for locally manufactured fitness equipment, prompting them to start their own company.

An Engineering Education in the Streets

Criss-crossing the lanes on their bikes, Mathew and Prasanna found that the manufacturing job for their fitness equipment could be done to better quality in the local shops. With the help of the skilled workers like S Vijay Kumar and Arumugam, they honed their engineering skills and learned the intricacies of manufacturing. This collaboration came at a time when the automobile industry was struggling, allowing them to venture into the fitness equipment business.

Deconstructing the Success Pole

One of the key products that sets Sthenos apart in the market is their fitness pole. While most pole setups are imported, Sthenos manufactures their own, catering to the Indian subcontinent. Choreographer and pole fitness coach Anusha Swamy played a pivotal role in the development of their silicone sleeve, which provides grip and enables more women to try pole fitness. This innovation has garnered attention and is being used in workshops and camps conducted by Anusha at various locations.

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Paving the Way for Success

Sthenos is a shining example of how young entrepreneurs are choosing offbeat paths and finding success in unconventional industries. Although tempted by offers from IT companies and the success of their classmates, the team is committed to their flourishing fitness equipment business. By offering locally manufactured products, they ensure better service and quicker replacements for any damaged or lost parts.

The Future of Sthenos

In a crowded market, Sthenos is carving out a niche with their locally manufactured fitness equipment. They are banking on the rising interest in pole fitness to solidify their position and expand their reach. As fitness trends continue to evolve, Sthenos remains dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality equipment to fitness enthusiasts across India.

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