DNA Profiling Confirms Identity of 55-Year-Old Kerala Blasts Victim

People crowd outside the convention centre at Kalamassery in Kochi after explosions at a gathering of Jehovah’s Witnesses on October 29, 2023.
| Photo Credit: H. VIBHU

In a tragic turn of events, a series of explosions occurred at a gathering of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kalamassery, Kochi on October 29, 2023. The aftermath of the incident left people in shock and distress as they gathered outside the convention center in Kalamassery, attempting to make sense of the devastating occurrences. The investigation into the incident revealed the heartbreaking discovery of a charred body, identified as 55-year-old Leona Paulose, a resident of Iringol near Perumbavoor. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the community and deeply saddened her friends and family.

Identification Confirmed Through DNA Analysis

Authorities at the Government Medical College Hospital, Ernakulam, confirmed Leona Paulose’s identity through a DNA analysis conducted by the police. The DNA profiles obtained from the remains of the deceased were matched with those of her son, establishing a conclusive link. Following a post-mortem examination, her body will be released to her grieving family members. The confirmation of Leona Paulose’s identity provides a measure of closure to her loved ones, who can now begin the process of mourning and healing.

A Grisly Scene and the Agonizing Search for Answers

Leona Paulose was found among the charred remains at the explosion site, her body mangled and barely recognizable. It took nearly 36 hours and the collection of her son’s DNA samples to ascertain her identity, adding to the anguish and heartache experienced by her family during this time. The scene of the explosions was one of chaos and devastation, with emergency personnel and investigators working tirelessly to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident. The search for answers continues, as authorities delve into the details of what led to this tragic event.

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A Life Dedicated to Evangelism

Leona Paulose was a passionate advocate for her faith, dedicating her life to the service of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Hailing from South Iringole at Rayamangalam in Ernakulam Rural, she was known for her evangelism work and her efforts to spread the message of her religion. She tirelessly distributed pamphlets in her neighborhood, sharing the teachings and beliefs that meant so much to her. Her commitment to her faith was unwavering, even in the face of personal tragedy and loss. Leona Paulose’s dedication to her religious community will be remembered and cherished by those who knew her.

A Devastating Loss and a Son’s Return

Leona Paulose had endured her fair share of personal hardships, having lost her husband. Her son, residing abroad, was unable to be with her during this challenging time. However, news of the tragedy brought him back to his hometown, where he now grapples with the immense grief of losing his mother in such a horrific manner. The support and love of friends and family will be crucial in helping him navigate this painful journey of recovery.

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