13 Spots Outfitted with Camera Traps to Capture Evasive Leopard in Erode

Tamil Nadu Minister Installs Camera Traps and Cages to Capture Elusive Leopard

Tamil Nadu Minister for Housing and Urban Development S. Muthusamy has taken proactive measures to capture a leopard that has been causing unrest in the Arachalur region of Erode district. On October 26, the Minister announced the installation of camera traps at 13 different spots and the placement of four cages in fringe villages near the Nagamalai forest area. The goal is to safely trap the elusive leopard and remove it from the area.

Efforts to Capture the Leopard

Accompanied by Erode Collector Raja Gopal Sunkara, Minister Muthusamy recently visited the affected villages to assess the situation and discuss the necessary actions with Forest Department officials. The Minister informed the media that the elusive animal was identified as a leopard through the camera traps. The leopard has already caused significant damage, including the killing of a calf in Vellivalasu on October 14 and four goats in Om Sakthi Nagar four days later. To ensure the safety of the community, seven teams consisting of three Forest Department staff members each have been deployed to monitor the area.

Minister’s Call for Cooperation

In light of the ongoing threat posed by the leopard, Minister Muthusamy made an appeal to the villagers. He requested their full cooperation with the officials and urged them to exercise caution until the leopard is captured. “To avoid any potential encounters with the leopard, it is advisable for people in these areas to refrain from venturing outside during the night and early morning hours. The leopard has been known to use quarries and boulders as hiding places,” cautioned the Minister.

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The Tamil Nadu government has also pledged to provide compensation to farmers who have suffered losses due to the leopard’s attacks. Additionally, based on the requirements of the situation, more camera traps and cages will be placed strategically to increase the chances of capturing the elusive predator.

Ensuring Safety and Mitigating Risks

The installation of camera traps and the placement of cages are crucial steps to mitigate the risks posed by the leopard. By monitoring the leopard’s movements through the camera traps, officials will be able to gather valuable data and plan the capture operation effectively. The usage of cages provides a safe and humane method to secure the leopard without posing harm to either the animal or the officials involved in the operation.

Coordinated Efforts between Government and Forest Department

The collaborative effort between the Tamil Nadu government and the Forest Department is commendable. Together, they aim to ensure the safety of both wildlife and humans in the affected areas. By forming seven teams with dedicated staff members, the Forest Department is taking a proactive approach to deal with the situation.

Forest Department officials will work alongside the community to educate them about the risks associated with the presence of the leopard and to implement preventive measures to avoid any further incidents. The cooperation and involvement of the community are crucial to the success of capturing the leopard and restoring peace in the region.

Enhancing Wildlife Conservation and Preservation Efforts

The incident involving the elusive leopard in Arachalur highlights the importance of wildlife conservation and preservation. It serves as a reminder that human activities can impact the natural habitat of animals, which can lead to situations like these. Protecting wildlife and maintaining a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals should be a priority.

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The Tamil Nadu government, along with the Forest Department, remains committed to preserving the state’s rich biodiversity and ensuring the safety of its residents. Through the installation of camera traps and the implementation of necessary measures, they strive to address the challenges posed by human-wildlife conflicts effectively.


Minister Muthusamy’s proactive measures demonstrate the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens and wildlife. By installing camera traps and strategically placing cages, they aim to capture the elusive leopard in a safe and humane manner. The cooperation of the villagers and the proactive efforts of the Forest Department are essential factors in achieving this goal.

It is crucial for communities, governments, and environmental organizations to work together in preserving wildlife and maintaining a sustainable environment. By creating awareness, implementing preventive measures, and taking swift action, we can safeguard the delicate balance between humans and animals, fostering harmony and coexistence for a better future.

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