Four Tiruchi Division stations certified as ‘Eat Right’

The Tiruchi railway junction and three other stations within the Tiruchi Railway Division have been certified as “Eat Right Station” by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for providing safe food to travelers and adhering to hygiene practices. This coveted certification was recently issued by the FSSAI to the Southern Railway Additional General Manager in Chennai, and it is valid for two years.

Eat Right Certification: A Milestone Achievement

This certification is part of the Eat Right India movement initiated by FSSAI and targets all food vendors at the railway stations, including organized catering units, restaurants, food courts, and small vendors, to ensure safe cooking and handling practices. The prestigious certification follows a thorough audit process focusing on safe food practices and hygiene, including training under the FoSTaC program and third-party audits based on a detailed checklist.

Impressive Initiative for Food Safety

As part of this initiative, all food vendors at the stations were trained to follow safe cooking and handling practices during the preparation and serving of food to passengers, railway officials, and staff. The inspection also encompassed the stalls, dining units, drinking water, and drainage system, demonstrating a holistic approach to ensuring food safety for all passengers.

Passenger Earnings and Traffic Highlights

The Tiruchi railway junction excelled in both passenger earnings and handling during the 2022-2023 fiscal year, with over 70 lakh passengers and earnings exceeding ₹140 crore. Similarly, Thanjavur railway junction witnessed substantial traffic, handling over 36 lakh passengers and earning a little over ₹43 crore in the same period.

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Impact of “Eat Right Station” Certification

The certification not only reflects the commitment of the stations to providing safe and hygienic food but also assures passengers of a reliable and healthy food environment during their travel. This recognition also underscores the significant strides made by the Tiruchi Railway Division in promoting food safety and adhering to best practices in the industry.

Outlook for the Future

With the Eat Right Station certification in place, passengers can look forward to a safe and enjoyable dining experience at these certified stations, further enhancing their overall travel experience. This achievement signifies a positive step towards ensuring the well-being of passengers as they embark on their rail journeys.

For more information on railway safety and food certification, please visit the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) website.

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