Review of Flood-hit Thoothukudi Relief Works

Director of Disaster Management S. A. Raman, along with other officials, conducted a review meeting at Thoothukudi Collectorate on Saturday to assess the damages caused by recent floods and the progress of rehabilitation efforts in the district.

Assessment of Flood Damages

Mr. Raman chaired the meeting and received a presentation detailing the extensive damages caused by the floods to crops, properties, infrastructure, and water bodies. He emphasized the urgent need to complete relief and rehabilitation works after on-site inspections.

Relief Measures and Assistance

Officials were instructed to expedite the distribution of special loan assistance to affected traders and entrepreneurs, as announced by the government. District Collector G. Lakshmipathi, District Revenue Officer Ajay Srinivasan, and senior government officials were also present at the review meeting.

Support for Self-Help Groups and Associations

Following the meeting, Mr. Raman provided assistance to self-help groups in Srivaikundam. Additionally, the Tirupur Poultry Farm Association presented a cheque of ₹30 lakh to Mr. Lakshmipathi for use in relief efforts in flood-affected areas, with the presence of Minister for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Anita R. Radhakrishnan.

These developments demonstrate a proactive approach towards addressing the aftermath of the recent floods and providing support to those affected by the natural disaster.


The review meeting conducted by Director S. A. Raman underscores the commitment to efficiently manage the impact of the floods and ensure that relief and rehabilitation efforts are effectively implemented in the district, with a focus on supporting the affected communities and restoring normalcy.

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For more information on disaster management and relief efforts, visit National Disaster Management Authority.

This comprehensive review and the subsequent support provided to various groups highlight the collaborative and proactive approach of the authorities in addressing the challenges posed by the recent floods.

For the latest updates on flood relief and rehabilitation initiatives in Thoothukudi, stay tuned to Thoothukudi District official website.

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