Seven Injured in House by Stuck Leopard: Latest Update

The Leopard Incident in Coonoor: Seven Injured in Rescue Attempt

Over the weekend, a leopard entered a residence in Attadi near Coonoor, resulting in seven injuries, including fire and rescue service personnel. The incident occurred in Brookland Estate in Coonoor, where the animal was attempting to hunt dogs being raised on the estate.

Rescue Efforts Turned Dangerous

Upon notification of the incident, fire and rescue service personnel entered the house to capture or chase away the animal. Unfortunately, the leopard pounced on them, causing injuries to four personnel, a Village Administrative Officer, a television media journalist, and the homeowner. All individuals were admitted to the hospital for minor injuries.

Current Situation: Forest Department’s Efforts

Currently, forest department officials, including Conservator of Forests (Nilgiris), D. Venkatesh, are present at the building. They are working to tranquilize and relocate the leopard, which is still believed to be stuck inside the house.

Throughout this unfortunate event, the safety and well-being of all involved parties remain of utmost importance.

Photo Credit: Sathyamoorthy M

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