Visakhapatnam Police preparing cybercrime policy

The Visakhapatnam City Security Council was recently revived, according to Police Commissioner A. Ravi Shankar. Expressing concern over the sharp rise in cybercrime cases in recent years, the city police have decided to prepare a policy document focusing on various areas such as manpower, capacity building, and strengthening the existing cybercrime police station to handle future cases.

Cybercrime Cases and Losses

Concerns over Increasing Cybercrime Cases

Expressing concern over the steep increase in cybercrime cases over the past few years, Police Commissioner A. Ravi Shankar stated that a policy document is being prepared to address the growing issue. He highlighted the need for manpower, capacity building, and strengthening of the existing cybercrime police station to tackle future cases effectively.

Rising Cybercrime Cases and Losses

During the year 2023, 410 cybercrime cases were reported, as compared to 610 cases in 2022, with reported losses amounting to ₹31.79 crore and ₹16.33 crore, respectively. Despite a decrease in the number of cases, joint FIRs were registered for cases with similar modus operandi. Furthermore, the police have frozen 1,995 bank accounts this year, indicating a pressing need for preventive measures against cybercrimes.

Policy Document Preparation and Efforts

Policy Document Preparation

Mr. Ravi Shankar highlighted the importance of preparing a policy document, emphasizing a thorough assessment of manpower requirement, budgetary needs, and capacity building. Additionally, the police are planning an annual maintenance contract for the procurement of cyber detection tools, aiming to ensure the tools are regularly upgraded to handle the growing sophistication of cybercrimes.

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Focus on Training and Coordination

Efforts are being made to enhance staff skills through training programs, with a focus on technical and communication skills. Coordination with bank authorities, agencies, payment gateway companies, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is also emphasized. Mr. Ravi Shankar stressed the need for providing incentives to the staff to encourage diligence in tackling cybercrimes.

Future Preparedness and Collaborative Efforts

Addressing Emerging Cybercrime Concerns

Highlighting the widespread impact of cybercrimes in Visakhapatnam city, Mr. Ravi Shankar emphasized the emerging nature of the issue, with a steady rise in reported cases. He underscored the need to strengthen the city’s capabilities in tackling these cases in the coming years.

Relaunching the City Security Council

The City Security Council was relaunched this month, with the support of many IT experts ready to aid in addressing cybercrime challenges. This collaborative effort signifies the collective responsibility of both law enforcement and technology experts in safeguarding the city against cyber threats.

In conclusion, the revival of the Visakhapatnam City Security Council aims to bolster efforts in combatting cybercrimes and safeguarding the interests of the city’s residents. With a proactive approach and collaboration between law enforcement and technology experts, the city is gearing up to effectively address the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

This rewritten article offers valuable insight into the initiatives and concerns expressed by Police Commissioner A. Ravi Shankar regarding the resurgence of the Visakhapatnam City Security Council and the proactive measures being undertaken to combat cybercrimes. As the city continues to address these challenges, concerted efforts and collaborative strategies are essential for safeguarding the community against the growing sophistication of cyber threats.

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