Biden’s Balancing Act: Foreign Conflicts and Political Future

In a speech to Democratic donors in Washington last month, President Joe Biden spoke about the challenges of balancing foreign conflicts with a domestic-focused campaign. While the president estimates that 75% of his time is spent dealing with foreign policy, this has raised questions about how it will impact his re-election efforts.

However, previous incumbents have faced political trouble when voters view them as too focused on international issues. White House officials are carefully balancing Biden’s schedule, highlighting high-priority topics for voters such as efforts to reduce drug costs while acknowledging that the president’s overseas trips will be limited as he turns his attention to his campaign.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team is preparing for unexpected events and looking to past elections as examples of how new issues can quickly alter a campaign’s trajectory. The president’s aides believe his diplomatic efforts are a net positive, especially given the contrast with his predecessor, Donald Trump.

However, there are no plans to make Biden’s global efforts the centerpiece of his campaign. Instead, Biden’s campaign will likely focus on efforts to protect democracy, as well as domestic issues like job creation and infrastructure.

Moving forward, it remains to be seen how Biden’s focus on foreign conflicts will impact his re-election efforts as the situation in Ukraine and Israel continues to evolve.

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