Chennai Athlete Returns to Sports After 20 Years to Inspire Sons

Percival Naveen Howie: Inspiring Success Through Athletics

When Percival Naveen Howie steps onto the field, he carries with him the desire to inspire his sons. At the 2023 Asia Pacific Master’s meet in South Korea, he showcased this determination as he triumphed in shotput, discus, and javelin throw, bringing home three gold medals.

A Journey Fueled by Childhood Memories and Aspirations

For Naveen, the bond he shared with his father during training sessions remains a cherished memory. “I wanted to be there for my kids in the same way and give them similar core memories,” he states. Despite a hiatus after his school and college throwing career, Naveen found his way back to athletics.

A Chance Encounter Leading to Remarkable Opportunities

During a training session with his eldest son, Naveen’s skills caught the eye of Roda Krishnan, an Asia Pacific Masters gold medalist. This fortuitous encounter led Naveen to join the Masters Athletic Federation (MAFI), opening doors to competitive multi-sport events.

Preparing for Future Challenges

Naveen is gearing up for the Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championship, with aspirations to participate in the Asian Open and World Championships. His unwavering determination to push the boundaries of his capabilities is truly inspiring.

Naveen’s journey is a testament to the resilience and dedication required to pursue one’s passions amidst life’s challenges. His story serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the extraordinary achievements that can result from unwavering perseverance.

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