The Long Arm of a Lawmaker: Maharashtra’s New DGP Rashmi Shukla

Rashmi Shukla: A Controversial Journey from Plum Postings to DGP Appointment

Over the past years, Rashmi Shukla, a 1988-batch IPS officer, has experienced a tumultuous career marked by political affiliations, controversy, and legal battles. This article delves into her journey, the opposition’s response to her recent appointment as the state’s top cop, and the controversies that have surrounded her tenure.

Rashmi Shukla’s Rise and Fall

Shukla’s career trajectory has seen significant highs and lows. Initially seen as a close ally of former Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, she held influential positions such as Pune police commissioner and State Intelligence Department (SID) Commissioner. However, her fortunes took a turn when the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government came to power, resulting in her sidelining and eventual transfer to a non-executive posting.

Allegations and Legal Battles

Following her departure from Maharashtra, Shukla faced allegations of phone tapping against opposition leaders during her tenure under the Fadnavis-led government. This led to the registration of FIRs against her in Pune and Mumbai. However, the legal battles took a turn when the Bombay High Court quashed two out of three FIRs, and the remaining case was closed after the court allowed the CBI’s closure report.

The Controversial DGP Appointment

Amidst speculations and opposition outcry, Shukla’s recent appointment as the Director General of Police (DGP) has sparked controversy. The ruling alliance’s decision to appoint her has been criticized for alleged violations of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) norms, as well as accusations of political motivations ahead of upcoming elections in the state.

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The Aftermath of MVA’s Fall

Following the fall of the MVA government and the return of the BJP to power, there were expectations of a reshuffling of officials who were perceived to have suffered due to their association with the previous administration. Amidst these expectations, Shukla’s appointment as the state’s top cop stirred further debates and discussions within political circles.

The Road Ahead

Shukla’s journey from controversial allegations to her recent appointment as the DGP has created a significant stir in Maharashtra’s political and administrative landscape. As she steps into this new role, it remains to be seen how her tenure unfolds and whether it will continue to be embroiled in controversy or pave the way for a new chapter in her career.