The Politics of Taylor Swift’s Person of the Year Recognition

As politicians court Swiftie voters and honor Taylor Swift during her tour, the political implications of this celebrity influence are worth examining. Unlike many celebrities, Taylor Swift does not involve herself much in politics, but her endorsements of certain political candidates have had some level of impact. A study found that 11.7% of Tennesseans surveyed said Swift’s endorsement would make them more likely to support a particular candidate, even though he ultimately lost the race. However, celebrity endorsements can still matter in close races, particularly when the celebrity making the endorsement is viewed favorably, which is likely the case with Taylor Swift. The attention garnered from aligning with Swift, even without her endorsement, is also notable, as seen in the social media engagement of politicians who have honored her. And while Swift’s impact on influencing how her fans vote is debatable, her endorsements and attention can be valuable to politicians seeking to boost their numbers. Additionally, given that a majority of Swift’s fans are from the suburbs and belong to Gen Z and Millennial demographics, who make up an increasing share of the electorate, Swifties could become a significant voting bloc in future elections. As world leaders actively seek to bring Taylor Swift’s tour to their countries, it’s clear that there’s an economic component to this as well, in addition to potential political influence. Therefore, the intersection of Taylor Swift’s popularity with politics holds both attention-grabbing and potentially impactful implications for the future of political campaigns.

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