Oxford’s Largest Commercial Science Scheme Secures Planning Approval

Specialist sciences developer Mission Street and BGO have secured planning consent for a purpose-built commercial science scheme totaling 180,000 sq ft. The new build commercial science scheme will offer full flexibility of wet labs and offices across 5 floors in what will be a next-generation commercial sciences building.

The Future of Commercial Sciences in Oxford

Fabrica will introduce the first commercial science schemes in the West End, Oxford’s central science district. This development is in response to a shifting trend towards more sustainable, easily accessible urban science locations.

BGO and Mission Street’s Strategic Initiative

BGO and Mission Street are leading a strategic initiative to provide over 1.5 million sq ft of lab and office space in key locations across the UK, including the “Golden Triangle” of Oxford, Cambridge, and London. CBRE and Bidwells are advising on the leasing of these spaces.

Fabrica’s Landmark Achievement

Fabrica is the largest commercial sciences scheme to gain consent in central Oxford. Artem Korolev, CEO of Mission Street, expressed his excitement, stating, “The decision to grant planning permission for Fabrica is a significant statement for the city of Oxford and for the Mission Street-BGO joint venture. This is the largest commercial sciences scheme to gain consent in central Oxford and recognizes the growing trend towards urban science.”

He added, “The benefits for future occupiers are clear – proximity to Oxford train station and the city center provides access to wider talent pools, the ability to adopt sustainable travel methods, access to amenities and cultural offerings of the city center, as well as key anchors including the University.”

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For more information about Fabrica, please visit the official website.

Development and Impact

The impact of Fabrica extends beyond its physical presence. It symbolizes the transformation of the West End and the future of commercial sciences in urban settings. By introducing state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, Fabrica aims to attract top talents and foster innovation in the scientific community.

For more news and updates about the Oxford’s central science district, visit Oxford City Council’s website.

Community Collaboration

The development of Fabrica represents a collaborative effort between private enterprises, local authorities, and the scientific community. By working hand in hand, these stakeholders aim to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that promotes scientific advancement and economic growth.

For more information about community engagement initiatives, please visit the UK Research and Innovation.

Looking Towards the Future

As Fabrica takes shape, it stands as a testament to the vision of creating modern and adaptable scientific workspaces. Its presence in the West End will undoubtedly contribute to the area’s evolution into a cutting-edge hub for commercial sciences.

To learn more about the future plans for Oxford’s central science district, visit the Oxford Science Park.

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