Elgar’s 185, Jansen’s 84* gives SA lead of 163 over IND

India vs South Africa 1st Test Day 3: Dean Elgar’s Unbeaten Stance

Dean Elgar, the South African opener, displayed an outstanding performance on Day 2 of the 1st Test match against India. Elgar scored an unbeaten 140 runs off 211 balls, including 23 boundaries, setting the stage for South Africa’s strong position in the game. His resilience against the Indian bowling attack was commendable, and his unbeaten position has left the Indian team frustrated as they gear up for Day 3.

Elgar’s Triumph at Centurion

Reflecting on his remarkable innings, Elgar expressed his delight at achieving a milestone at the Centurion ground. He stated, “It’s a special game for me, my last international fixture here, and my family and friends are here. I haven’t had a Test hundred at Centurion before — it’s the one that got away so I’m very happy to be on the board. I’ve now got hundreds at all the Test venues in South Africa, which is pretty cool.”

He admitted that the conditions on the field favored the bowlers, with clouds overhead and a green pitch. However, he emphasized that his approach was to remain proactive and look for scoring opportunities while maintaining a strong defensive stance. Elgar credited his success to his ability to capitalize on the deliveries that worked in his favor. He explained, “With the intensity that the Indian bowlers brought, your mindset definitely has to be to look to score, combined with your defense and leaving the ball. The ball is moving around and there’s going to be one with your name on it, no doubt. But if you’re looking to score then you get into better positions and capitalize on the ball that’s overpitched or sits up a bit.”

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Elgar’s stellar performance has not only secured South Africa’s strong position in the 1st Test but has also marked a significant personal achievement for the player.

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Dean Elgar’s unbeaten stance on Day 2 of the 1st Test has not only propelled South Africa to a commanding position in the game but has also marked a significant personal achievement for the resilient opener. His strategic approach in challenging bowling conditions and his ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities have solidified his impact on the match. As the battle between India and South Africa continues on Day 3, Elgar’s performance will undoubtedly remain a pivotal factor in shaping the outcome of the Test match.

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