2023 Music Sessions at Bansilalpet Stepwell, Hyderabad with Satlaj Rahat Indori and Aahvaan Project

Tangy Sessions to Host Intimate Music Sessions at Bansilalpet Stepwell

Tangy Sessions, a platform for alternative art and music, is set to host intimate music sessions at the 17th-century stepwell in Bansilalpet, Hyderabad. The event will feature performances by renowned artistes including poet Satlaj Rahat Indori, poet, and storyteller Gautam Aditya, and the Aahvaan Project. The restoration of the stepwell, completed a year ago, has paved the way for the venue to host these unique music sessions.

Curating Alternative Art and Music Experiences

Arjuna Prasad and Deepa Radhakrishnan, the founders of Tangy Sessions, are known for curating alternative art and music experiences. Since 2016, they have organized sessions on rooftops, at people’s homes, and even at quirky venues such as abandoned swimming pools. Their aim is to break free from the traditional setting of clubs and bring art and music to unconventional spaces.

The Lineup

On December 29th, from 5pm to 8pm, there will be a Mushaira evening featuring Urdu poet Satlaj Rahat and Hindustani poet and storyteller Gautam Aditya. Attendees can also expect short acts by playwright and director Taher Ali Baig. The following day, December 30th, will showcase folk music by The Aahvaan Project, with lead vocalist Vedi Sinha playing the ektara, accompanied by vocalist and guitarist Suman.

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Varied Music Sessions

From Baul singing to janapadam (folk songs), Himachali folk music to Indian classical music, the sessions offered by Tangy Sessions have been diverse and inclusive, breaking language barriers and uniting music lovers. Despite being largely self-funded, the events have garnered a strong community of audience and volunteers who contribute to the success of the sessions.

Collaboration and Unique Presentation

Through collaboration with The Rainwater Project, Tangy Sessions found the perfect venue in the historic stepwell at Bansilalpet. This partnership aims to showcase the city’s heritage sites and provide a platform for new age cultural events in areas like Secunderabad. The events, which rely on artistes who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and present something unique, prioritize the experience over extravagant accommodations.

Hosting Events in Unique Spaces

The choice to host the events at the Bansilalpet stepwell aligns with Tangy Sessions’ vision to utilize unconventional spaces for cultural experiences. The stepwell, celebrating its anniversary, offers a unique and historic backdrop for the performances, catering to an audience in the 20 to 65 age group.

Creating a Community of Artists

Tangy Sessions has evolved from a platform for hosting traveling artistes to a collective of about 600 to 700 artists. Their jam sessions, which bring together different artistes for the first time, foster an environment of creativity and spontaneity, ensuring that both the musicians and the audience stay engaged and energized.


The collaboration between Tangy Sessions and The Rainwater Project promises to deliver unforgettable music sessions at the Bansilalpet stepwell in Hyderabad, introducing a new age of cultural events to the city. The curated performances, diverse lineup, and unique presentation style are set to draw a diverse audience to experience music in a historic and enchanting setting. For further details and updates on the events, interested individuals can follow @tangysessions on Instagram.

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